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Credit Most of us remain unaware of the fact that this money belongs to us. The unclaimed money currently remains with the state for safe custody as there is no one to claim them back. As per the estimates of the state treasury, every 8 out of 10 Americans have lost money scattered in different forms in the states and they are unaware about it. It is because of the recent efforts of the government to educate masses about the importance of missing money that many have come forth to make successful claims. Despite these efforts, the pile is still growing at an alarming rate, which is cause for major concern for most state governments. This article will assist you in understanding certain unknown facts about lost money that even the government does not want the claimant to know. Currently, there are around $25 billion accumulated with the federal and state treasuries that are still earning interests for the government and still waiting for their rightful owners. Most of the lost money is in the form of unclaimed tax refunds, which are located with the IRS or Internal Revenue Service. Other relevant contributors to the growing pile of unclaimed money include mortgage insurance refunds that are lying with the department of Housing and Urban Development. Similarly, the FDIC also consists of unclaimed dividends that are yet to see the face of their real owners. All of the departments that are mentioned above have individual websites for the claimant to visit and conduct searches based on personal information. The claimant can stay calm knowing that their hard earned money will be utilized by the financial agencies because as per the law concerning lost property clearly states that the agencies after a certain period have to hand over these lost accounts to the state directly for safe custody. The unclaimed money then remains with the state government until the owner comes forward to claim the funds. Any belongings of your deceased relative that currently remains unclaimed is also sitting with the government for safe keeping. Contents of security deposit boxes from deceased people are auctioned by the government agencies so that it can be converted into unclaimed money. The much talked about application procedure in reclaiming the lost money has also been simplified by the government to encourage people to come up in large numbers and reduce the burden on the government agencies. All this money is nearly a waste for the government because they cannot use the same without the permission of the real owners. However, some of the old accounts have been utilized by the government in developing roads and state prisons recently. This is why is it important to search and claim any unclaimed money belonging in your name. About the Author: Unclaimed money is a growing problem among the state treasuries. The best and easiest way to search for unclaimed or lost money is through.www.cashunclaimed.com. Cashunclaimed.com is the largest unclaimed money database in the world. Log on to .www.cashunclaimed.com today for your free unclaimed money search! Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Credit 相关的主题文章: