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6 square meters of Dove "cage" to sell 880 thousand robbed! Who is buying? – Sohu money really crazy. "Unprecedented in china! Shenzhen print! 6 square meters hardcover small apartment layout here!" This is the public version of dove advertising Shenzhen apartment layout project today hit the cage, the moment shocking people’s attention. This is only 6 square meters of apartment layout, at a price of 880 thousand. Have a real estate license! Flat layer! Practical area of 12 square meters! The most important is already sold out! Above: the salesman showed minimal real estate license this amazing apartment layout project is located in Shenzhen, Nanshan District overseas Chinese town Shahe road and new road interchange, the development of the geographical location is good, from the Metro Line 1 Baishizhou station not far from the surrounding real estate is a luxury. The real estate project is located 6 square meters of the house will look like? In fact, at the end of 7, when the project was 6 square meters of the house immediately after the exposure of the real estate sector in Shenzhen". In the sales offices, sales of the entire project demonstrated the real estate certificate area statistics. According to the above information registration, the real estate, almost every floor has a small area of about 6.61 square meters of a small house, a total of 9 sets, ranging from an area of 5.73 square meters to 7.48 square meters. 9 sets of very small Huxing are flat, not the legendary penthouse. The site is about 6 square meters of the house can be quite large space. Functional space, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.. As for the decoration, the developer uses a flat time, three-dimensional space design concept, in the extreme space to play new tricks. The only bed is in the closet. Folding bed can be controlled by remote control, the opening process takes about a minute. In addition, the developers gave some area, the actual use of an area of about 12 square meters. Just Huxing is not living up may not be too comfortable. "Each reporter Huang Bowen photo who buy them? Last week (9.12-9.18) Shenzhen house transaction price has stood 60 thousand, if you buy a house of 60 square meters, is the first suite, then you have to hand over more than one million down payment. Such a high price on the train, has refused to come to Shenzhen to fight 95% of young people. Shenzhen people want to buy a house, complete function and humanization of the large-sized apartment known as the property market in a stream. A price of 880 thousand Mini room seems to rekindle their dreams: Shenzhen to Shenzhen is no longer Huizhou, Dongguan people, but nashanren, baidanzhou people. Bai Shizhou is one of the most dynamic areas of Shenzhen, some of the surrounding housing prices have exceeded 150 thousand. Unfortunately, 6 square meters of the house is not just want to. Young people living in Shenzhen are mostly either flat-share form housing in the community, either alone in the village. The choice to buy a house is only one purpose, that is marriage. Obviously 6 square meters of the house is not appropriate. Even if you told me that there are a wide variety of smart home, but the body is transferred but the body, especially the young couple have a child, but can not live. Removed just need, the rest is to buy as a home buyer of investment housing. Considering the investment value, quality degree or high rental ratio is an important factor in the house. First degree, the first half of Beijing that.相关的主题文章: