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Back Up Your Entire Drive With Disk Image Software Posted By: Ed Robinson No matter how reliable you think your computer might be, it would be tempting fate to assume that nothing can ever go wrong, leading to the loss of important data. System failures that leave you with corrupted files or storage devices or a computer that simply refuses to boot can happen for all sorts of reasons, so it is wise to always make sure you are prepared. There are many ways of backing up your files, but none are more thorough than making a complete byte-by-byte copy of your entire hard disk. This disk imaging method of backup will ensure that absolutely all of your data is kept safe, and there is no chance of missing anything that might turn out important once it is too late. Active@ Disk Image provides a wide range of features and excellent ease of use to help you keep all of your data safe. An ideal solution for both home and business use, its user-friendly interface requires little explanation thanks to an intuitive design. It offers users two methods of backing up the entire contents of your hard disk or any other digital storage media, such as flash disks and external hard drives.

disk image software Treating Common Problems With Sony Dvd Burners Posted By: Barbara Mori Popularity of a brand can never promise its reliability. Though Sony has a good reputation in the market it might encounter technical problems which only a professional can resolve. Common problems arise with DVD Burners which are used for storing as well as backing up your files to DVD. However there are times when they can be tricky to handle and can cause you problem with smooth computer functioning. There are few steps you can follow in order to ensure it functions well otherwise opting for a professional computer support can be the best option. PC tech support comes in cheap nowadays and if you opt for online computer help or online PC support you can get instant assistance wherever you are 24 * 7. One of the most popular issues with a Sony DVD burner is that might fail to write simply. However you can reduce the errors or write through preparation as well as simple fixes. You can have screen savers, task schedulers as well as anti-virus all interfering with the functioning of the burner. You can press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" and find the running programs list.

computer support How To Choose The Best Firewall For You Posted By: Ms Mindy Matter

remove adware Partition Your Hardrive With Free Software Posted By: Chris Holgate As technology leaps forward, the storage capacity of hard drives does too. As a result, it is sorely tempting to divid large hard drives in to several partitions. Partitioning a drive up in to several smaller segments allows you to easily create completely separate drive letters that can be used for specific purposes. For example, rather than just having your ‘C:’ drive which is used to hold your Windows installation and program files you could also create alterative drive letters such as a ‘D:’ drive to store all your documents and an ‘E:’ drive that is used solely for media such as pictures, music and video files. In particular, one thing that frustrates me is that whenever you purchase a new computer, the system manufacturers often decide that you should use sizable chunk of the drive to hold your Windows backup files in case you need to do a repair installation. In some instances, I’ve seen this ‘backup’ drive practically empty but irrespective it has been allocated a large amount of the overall size of the drive resulting in a severe amount of wastage.

Hard drive Dvd & Cd Copy Protection Posted By: Allan Hall There are a number of ways to protect your CDs and DVDS from being copied. Most of them depend on breaking conformity with the CD and DVD standards. In this article we will discuss the use of dummy files and illegal sectors, although there are other methods of protecting CD’s. Dummy files on CDS For the most part CD-ROMs use an ISO9660-filesystem to arrange the existing space into files and folders. The majority of times it is used underneath a further sophisticated file system like Joliet to get round a few limitations. The most basic approach is to fake a little information inside the file system. Early production of software copied every file one at a time from the original medium and re-created a new file system on the target medium, losing the faked information, hence making a copy disk un-useable. Illegal sectors on CDS The top-level data structure of a CD-Rom is called a sector and it is the only one that is available to software (counting the OS).

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