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UnCategorized The laws about child custody can be complex and confusing. The laws change from state to state, and that just adds to the confusion. However, it is worthwhile for a divorced parent to invest some time to learning the laws that surround child custody. Knowing the laws helps to prepare you for court. Here are some of the laws found in almost every state that can help you be prepared for court. The first law that applies in every state that every divorced parent should know is that parents have equal rights to their children except in cases of proven abuse. This is important because a lot of divorced parents think they can’t get custody of their children or that they have to accept a custody agreement with less visitation time then they would like. Under the law, both parents have rights to the children. Work with the child’s other parent to come up with a parenting plan that works for both of you. Parents also always have a right to visitation (unless it is proved that visitation is harmful to the children) so don’t let your former spouse tell you otherwise. You have a right to see your kids during the process of working out your custody agreement and after. The basic guideline for the court to make it’s decision is what is in the best interest of the child. This principle is in every state. You need to prepare for court by being able to show that whatever custody agreement or parenting plan that you present is in the best interest of the children. Always keep this thought in the back of your mind and refer back to often when you are in court. When you are in the process of working out your custody agreement–before it becomes a custody order–don’t take your children out of the state. There are laws about this in almost every state. Some states allow you to take the child to another state if you get written permission from the child’s other parent and/or the court. It’s best to avoid it if possible though. In fact, during the custody proceedings you want to be very careful about always communicating with the child’s other parent about what is going on. You don’t want the other parent to be able to call the police and accuse you of kidnapping. This is even true in abuse situations. Don’t take the kids and run because your ex can call the police on you. If you are leaving in this type of situation, get the police involved and consult an attorney so you make sure that you’re following all of the laws. Take the time to acquaint yourself with how your state determines child support. Every state has different methods for calculation. Almost every state uses some type of time-share or overnight percentage to calculate the amount. Be familiar with these rules so you know if you’re going to be paying or receiving child support. You also will want to check the calculations so you feel secure that everything is correct. It will help your child custody case if you learn the custody laws in your state. These are a broad overview of the laws that are found throughout the nation. There are lots of ways to learn the laws–you can ask your lawyer, inquire at the court, or go online and do some research. The information about the custody laws will help you prepare for going to court. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: