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Dating One of the main reasons why so many men are now looking for dating tips whether it be online or through books is because they fear being rejected by a woman. But being able to use the many different dating tips men find helps to reduce the chances of them being rejected when they first approach a woman. The problem with some of the tips available for men when it .es to dating is that they simply forget about them once they have read them. However, below we provide some tips, which are not only simple to remember, but are going to help make dating a woman much more enjoyable. 1. Confidence – A lot of women find themselves being turned when the man they meet does not feel confident about whom he is. However, do not go over board and boast about things you have done or doing. What you really need to do is just show a woman that you are .fortable and enjoy being with them. 2. Look Good – When meeting women for the first time dress to impress but do not go over the top. Instead, where some smart clothes and shoes (so forsake the Nike’s and get a good pair of shoes instead). When looking to buy new clothes then go for those that not only suit you but also fit as well. So spend a little bit of time and money and get yourself a wide range of clothes for wearing on different occasions, plus do not forget to buy yourself a good quality tailored suit. 3. Styling and Hygiene – As well as wearing clothes that fit well and you look good in you need to take some time over your appearance as well. Make regular visits to the barbers to have your haircut. Plus do not forsake having a regular shave especially when going out with a woman for the first time. Women really do appreciate it when a man has made the effort with the way he looks and smells. 4. Stop and Listen – Yes you do want to get to know the woman more that you are dating but it is also important that you stop and listen to what they have to say as well. A woman who finds a man is actually willing to take time out and listen to what she has to say is more likely to want to spend more time with that guy in the future. 5. Surprises – If you have been dating a woman for a while then by arranging the odd little surprise date can help to keep the relationship going. When you do arrange such events do not make them a regular occurrence but something that you can do say every few months or so. Plus if you can arrange the surprise relating to something that she enjoys doing. Above we have provided you with a few simple tips for when dating women. But a quick search of the inter. or in books at your local library and you are sure to find plenty of other dating tips men can use. Which in turn will make the dating experience much more enjoyable not just for them but for the woman as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: