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Home-Improvement Smallbone is known to provide unique kitchen designs for a number of different kitchen types to its customers. One of the most prominent and high profile customers of Smallbone over the past few years has been renowned French chef, Raymond Blanc. Despite being born and raised in his home country of France, he has spent most of his professional life in the United Kingdom. Apart from being a world famous chef, he owns a hotel and restaurant named Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Great Milton, Oxford and also runs the Raymond Blanc Cookery School which is located in the hotel itself. The state of the art cookery school was set up over 20 years back and has since been providing cooking lessons to aspiring cooks from across the United Kingdom. Although Blanc himself does not teach at the school, he pays frequent visits to the school and provides his valuable tips to the student cooks. The school is situated just behind the back kitchen of the restaurant and shares a number of facilities with the kitchen such as storage and wash-up among others. The cooking equipment used in the Raymond Blanc Cookery School is of the highest standards including ovens, hobs, warming drawers and utensils used during cooking. For a cooking school of such exceptional standards, it is important to have the perfect kitchen design that is able to match up to the standards. Apart from that, it is also important for the furnishings to be strong and long lasting considering the fact that a number of people will be using them on a daily basis. In order to fulfill these requirements, Raymond Blanc approached Smallbone around 8 years back and asked them to .e up with a kitchen design for his cookery school which is both robust as well as elegant. Smallbone analyzed his requirements and installed their exquisite Mandarin kitchen design at the cookery school. The Mandarin kitchen design is known for its recessed or concave panels and wide tiles which gives the kitchen a traditional and classy look. The Mandarin kitchen installed in the Raymond Blanc Cookery School is built from tough European oak with a demonstration area located in the middle of the kitchen and personalized work stations for students around the boundaries of the kitchen. The most important reason for Smallbone to fix on the Mandarin kitchen design for the cookery school was the fact that it is designed to provide durability without having to put too much effort into maintenance. Moreover, the classy design of the Mandarin kitchen went well with the surroundings of the cookery school. Raymond Blanc has been particularly pleased with the kitchen design provided by Smallbone as he feels that they share a .mon ground with him in terms of doing things with a touch of perfection. He also states that when he looks at the kitchen today, around 8 years after its installation, he still finds it to be as good as it was the first time it was installed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: