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Health You want that bright smile everyone seems to have been blessed with except you. Well, you have two very efficient alternatives: dental office whitening and home teeth whitening. While the former guarantees rapidity, the latter guarantees affordability. In-office whitening is definitely successful, but it can turn out as a rather costly teeth whitening formula. At-home whitening takes a bit longer to get its results, but it is much cheaper than the in-office whitening alternative. With the dental office whitening procedure, rapidity is guaranteed, as the bleaching product applied has a higher degree concentration of peroxide than the products re.mended for at-home whitening treatments. Generally, it takes one visit to the dentists office and you can legitimately be declared the proud possessor of incredibly bright and white teeth. Some dentists do use laser bleaching, one of the latest methods and one of the most efficient for whitening teeth. If the degree of tooth discoloration is, however, rather severe, you will probably need three or four visits to the dentists office to see the desired results. It may well cost you more than $1,000 for the .pletion of the dental office whitening procedure. It is also easy to undergo such a procedure. The dentist will apply a concentrated peroxide gel on your teeth, after which, for about an hour, a laser will be directed on the gel. The beam interacts with the peroxide and together they ac.plish a powerful bleaching effect. It is a lot easier than opting for the mouth-tray treatment also an in-office whitening process. On the other hand, you have the much cheaper alternative of home teeth whitening. Nowadays, home teeth whitening has .e to be as successful as in-office whitening even if it will require a greater amount of time to get the desired white shade of your teeth. Effectively, you have three alternatives for at-home whitening. You have certainly heard about whitening strips. The procedure is fairly un.plicated. You simply apply the strips onto the teeth and then wait for them to do their job. However, you have to be very careful to apply them on the entire surface of the teeth, so that irregular spots of the teeth should not remain bare, i.e. not covered by the strips. Otherwise, you risk having a very white shade of the teeth, interrupted here and there by discolored cracks. Another home teeth whitening formula concerning the brush-on procedure. You will buy a product that you will simply brush on your teeth then you need to wait, usually overnight, for it to work its effect. You may have to apply this formula more than once, particularly if teeth discoloration is severe. Finally, the third at-home whitening process is .pleted with the help of trays containing whitening gels. The tooth whitener available in this form is very affordable, but you should look for those products that have a degree of concentration of peroxide of about (or more than) 25%. In this manner, you will get the results faster. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: