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Business In this present period of time, Project Management has been the most desirable job of all. But, to those who haven’t decided yet whether to take this course or not, here are some basic and fundamental reasons why you should take this PMP Certification Exam. 1. Even though there is no survey to support this fact, it is very clear that businesses and industries are highly increasing for requests of project managers which are PMP certified. Most of them allures the PMP certified that they will increase their wages. 2. In relation to the first one, project managers are taking PM Certification a big consideration and they are growing from time to time, to have a greater chance to be.e a Project Manager in bigger .panies. You will be .peting to gain that role with other project managers and you’ll have higher chances in applying one if you are PMP Certified. This fact will soon be realized when you are about to apply for that position or if you want for promotion from your current job. 3. As project managers, you need to improve and develop your PM skill through attending trainings. The PMI (Project Management Institute) demands to take 35 hours of Project Management Training before taking the exam. The providers of this program impart knowledge about how to direct and lead projects and other sorts of skills that will greatly help in be.e a Project Management Professional. It may be expensive but it is worth the cost. 4. The PMI has provided us a manual named Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). This is the basis of the PMP exam. The book will equip us with methods on how to pass the exam. However, it will also help us be.e a better project manager. 5. In earning that certification, you will to receive honor and respect from your co-workers and members of your project team; because you now have the authority to lead them. You don’t have to find support from your skills to earn their attention and respect because of PMI’s PMP Certification, you’re given that benefit. 6. You may have thought that, "What does this certification has to do with higher salaries?" Well, the reason is quite plain. Certified Project Managers is fully equipped to lead and direct a project. When you are able to carry out a project’s goals and objectives, the .anizations will be able to invest large amount of money, then, you would be able to earn higher wages. So, putting your knowledge in project management into effect, you will develop a better skill in leading projects and greater chances on carrying them out. If you are convinced with these given basis, you can freely start now with your training. A lot of them are available, whether online or offline. After that training, you could test yourself with PMP Sample questions and see where you are strong and also, weak. And if you feel confident that you’ll pass the exam, you could take them online. Just see their site. Copyright (c) 2011 John Reiling About the Author: 相关的主题文章: