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Understanding Financial Planning For Women By: Andrew Chan.. | Oct 20th 2007 – You might hear that financial planning for women is difficult or complicated. You might even hear that women are bad at financial planning because they can’t understand numbers! Nothing is further from the truth, and financial planning for women is almost exactly like financial planning for men. There are a few basic ste … Tags: Financial Planning – A 6-step Process By: Andrew Chan. | Oct 1st 2007 – The financial planning process can be broken down into the following six steps: Tags: How To Retire With Financial Planning By: Andrew Chan | Sep 25th 2007 – Want to retire? This term conjures up images of a leisurely lifestyle, with perhaps walks by the beach or in the park. Retirement and financial planning usually occur together. For the simple reason, one simply does not occur without the other. Tags: Five Ways To Secure Online Financial Information By: Jared Irish | Aug 30th 2007 – Internet privacy is becoming more and more of an issue today. Information to learn how to hack, invade your privacy, and acquire financial information is easily available on the internet. These steps alone can dramatically improve your online financial security. Tags: Everything You Need To Know About Financial Aid In 9 Paragraphs By: Daniel Z. Kane | Aug 26th 2007 – There is a lot of unnecessary confusion about college financial aid. In fact, many people have serious misconceptions about what financial aid is. So, let’s clear up some misconceptions by defining financial aid and the most important financial aid terms. Tags: 7 Golden Rules To Financial Prosperity By: Irena Whitfield | Jul 19th 2007 – I believe that most people haven’t got enough money for everything they wish to have – the more you have the bigger your plans, and you have a feeling that you have less and less money. Whether you have lots of money or just so-so, you need to economize and take proper care of your money ie your income, expenditures, saving … Tags: Financial Freedom Has Its Price By: William Cox | Oct 25th 2007 – The path to financial freedom is not paved with gold. The potholes and roadblocks keep many away from realizing their true potential. Tags: Saving Financial Freedom By: George Symond | Jun 29th 2007 – Saving Money is the key to financial freedom. People with savings have choices, those without can end up as money slaves, chained to debt. Tags: How To Position Yourself Ahead Of The Next Big Trend In Technology�"’¦ And Reach Total Financial By: Marc Gamble | Jun 11th 2007 – The "Wealth & Freedom Coach", Marc Gamble (.HowToGetFreedom..) will be sharing "How To Position Yourself Ahead Of The Next Big Trend In Technology�"’¦ And Reach Total Financial Freedom Sooner Than You Ever Dreamed" in a free teleseminar and free live webcast on Tuesday, June 19, 2007, at 6PM Pacific Time (7PM MT, 8P … Tags: Investing: New Year Financial Tune Up By: Jeffrey Voudrie | Jun 8th 2007 – While you’re making your New Years’ resolutions, don’t forget to give your financial house an annual tune-up. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and few adjustments now could save you thousands of dollars, not to mention some major headaches, in the months and years to .e. Tags: Insurance: Drunk Driver Ruins Financial Future By: Jeffrey Voudrie | May 29th 2007 – Clyde and Claudette’s financial future is now ruined! Make sure it doesn’t happen to you. These tips will help you protect yourself from the time-bomb that devastated them. Tags: Annuities: Seniors Targets Of Financial Charlatans By: Jeffrey Voudrie | May 21st 2007 – Seniors in your .munity may be targets of financial charlatans. I’ve received a number of disturbing reports recently from seniors about the abusive tactics of some advisors. Their actions are not only unethical, but they border on the criminal. You must be aware of these despicable tactics so you and your nest egg are pr … Tags: Young Adults Need To Seek Wealth Literacy, Not Financial Literacy By: J.S. Kim | Apr 28th 2007 – Today there is much talk about how young adults are financially illiterate as if financial literacy were adequate to build wealth. Millions of people have read one of the best financial literacy books out there Rich Dad,Poor Dad�"’ yet there is a loss of translation somewhere between the sound principles of financial l … Tags: 4 Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Reach Total Financial Freedom Sooner Than They Ever Dreamed! By: Marc Gamble | Apr 21st 2007 – 4 tips for anyone who wants to reach financial freedom sooner than they ever dreamed. Learn how to gain control of your life, your in.e, and your time. Anyone who is interested in owning their own business so they can achieve total financial and time freedom should understand how to be.e wealthy. It’s more than just … Tags: 10 Tips To Help You Find A Superior Financial Consultant By: J.S. Kim | Mar 17th 2007 – Even though the best financial consultant you could ever hire stares back at you every day when you look in a mirror, for those of you absolutely unwilling to learn how to do-it-yourself, here are ten tips to help you find that one financial consultant out of every 1000 that actually is fairly impressive. To … Tags: How Much Is Your Financial Consultant Really Worth? By: J.S. Kim | Mar 17th 2007 – How Much Time Does A Big Time Investment Firm’s Financial Consultant Devote to Your Account? Most financial consultants that work for a large global investment firm need about U.S. $50 million of assets under management to make a decent living in a metropolitan region. Using this as a benchmark … Tags: For Financial Advisors: A Little Used Marketing Tool With Outsized Advantages By: Shirley Hanson | Feb 20th 2007 – Michael Port in "Book Yourself Solid" re.mends an "Always-Have-Something-To Invite-People-To offer." In my opinion this strategy is so effective for financial advisors because it melts negatives likes these: — Prospects may know next to nothing about you and need to ease into a relationship. … Tags: Gain Financial Literacy! By: Max Ng | Jan 17th 2007 – Financial literacy is important as the foundation to gain great wealth. Tags: Be A Real Winner At Financial Planning By: Chris Robertson | Jan 3rd 2007 – Don’t let financial woes take control of your life. Make permanent changes in your financial planning with these simple tips. You can start on the path to financial success today…. Tags: Your Ultimate Financial Management Tool By: Jeff Clare | Dec 19th 2006 – Even the most mundane activities benefit from planning yet most of us organize our lives and out finances without so much as a thought or an inkling of an idea about our finances and without any financial plan at all. Tags: Financial Planning – Send Your Kids To College By: Simon Oldmann | Dec 17th 2006 – The idea of financing kids’ college education through long term financial planning is not new. For the past decades, parents have made the efforts to save and invest for the security of their kids’ future. The government participates and creates several laws to support easier financial planning for parent. And up to now, th … Tags: Get Financial Advice Online By: Nick P. Bentley | Dec 11th 2006 – What are a few good reasons for seeking financial advice online? Well, I know I can name a few that apply to me. I want to know how to balance the monthly bills and still get my debt from college paid off quickly. My wife wants to know how to retire by the age of 53. This is where financial a … Tags: Round Up Your Financial Reports By: Robert Valentine | Sep 25th 2006 – Corral those pesky passwords using technology that ropes in data from multiple financial and other accounts. Tags: Financial Planning Software By: Simon Oldmann | Sep 21st 2006 – When it .es to planning your financial well-being, it might be helpful to use one of the many tools available today. Some of these tools include financial planning software. Depending on the type of software you purchase, it could help you in a variety of different areas, such as planning for your retirement or keeping tr … Tags: Where Can You Get Qualified Financial Help In Retirement By: Larry Klein | Sep 12th 2006 – The needs of people in retirement or about to retiree are different than those of baby boomers. Yet all you see in articles is advice for baby boomers on how to prepare for retirement. What about help for those age 60+ who have already cashed in their chips or about to do so? Good news. There has been increas … Tags: Your Best Five Options As A Student In Need Of Financial Aid By: Adam Masterson | Aug 23rd 2006 – The U.S. Department of Education makes available 67 billion dollars in grants, loans as well as campus-based aid each year to help out students pay for their postsecondary education. The fact is, graduate school can be very expensive and student financial assistance plays a significant role in the students decision-making p … Tags: How To Find The Best Financial Planner By: Simon Oldmann | Aug 14th 2006 – How do you go about finding the best financial planner for your money? Well, like many people, you are probably very skittish when it .es to trusting just anyone with your money and for good reason. However, the skittishness could work to your advantage, when it .es to finding the best financial planner. … Tags: How To Generate Pro Forma Financial Statements For A .pany By: Wade Anderson | Jul 27th 2006 – Many .panies generate and keep historical financial statements, but very few develop a working set of pro forma financials. Pro Forma financial statements are designed to give you a look at the projected, future financial statements of a .pany. Tags: How Offshore Tax Wealth Havens Came About . A Guide For Your Financial Wealth Planning By: Bill Piker | Jul 24th 2006 – It is Is important to keep in mind that offshore financial centers were originally established by onshore banks and corporations. Know how and why tax havens were legally developed by banks and governments for you to use tax havens can be a usefull vehicle of your financial planning an … Tags: Rescue Remedy For Financial Problems In A Marriage By: Terry Ross | Jul 21st 2006 – With personal / family debt levels continually rising the pressure on marriages in continually increasing with nearly half of married couples arguing over financial issues, which makes financial problems in a marriage one of the main .mon marriage problems. As the saying goes "��money is what makes the worl … Tags: Reasons For Financial Problems By: Simon Oldmann | Jul 9th 2006 – Most of us know when we hit a financial disaster, usually we can even trace the beginning of the process that led to the financial failure, but the problem seems to be the fact that some people keep repeating the mistakes, or adapting new problematic methods of trying and solving problems. The wise financial … Tags: Ac.plish Your Financial Goals By: Deborah McNaughton | Jul 3rd 2006 – Many of us have career, education and family goals. Goal setting is important in all aspects of life, including finances. This article discusses the steps involved in setting financial goals. Tags: How To Evolve A Financial Success System By: Roy Thomsitt | Jun 16th 2006 – More often than not, people associate success with money and wealth. While that is a lopsided view of success, it is true that success often brings with it financial rewards; it is also true that many people who aspire to success are thinking of the financial rewards that will follow when they succeed. But what if your idea … Tags: Financial Planner Basics By: Simon Oldmann | Apr 20th 2006 – What is financial planning, and why it is crucial for you. Even if you do not think you are a financial planner, you better start thinking like one fast. In the United States, there is an approximate of 5.6 million people who are either self-made millionaires or financially independent. And what is so hard to … Tags: Financial Planning Explained By: Joseph Then | Mar 6th 2006 – Did you realised today, when you go to the bank, unit trust or insurance .pany, financial planning seems to be the new buzzword amongst clients and individuals in the investment and banking field? Tags: How Can Financial Planning Help? By: Joseph Then | Mar 6th 2006 – If you are still thinking that financial planning is exclusively for the rich, you may just want to switch your mind on that now. Tags: The Importance Of A Financial Advisor By: Max Plata | Jan 14th 2006 – When it .es to managing your finances, you can certainly do it yourself. If you don"��t feel .fortable doing that, you can use the services of a financial analyst or a financial advisor. Choosing one is easy once you know what they can do for you. 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