73 year old grandmother was bitten by a centipede in the middle of the night and even alerted the fi-innawoods

The 73 year old grandmother was the centipede bite at midnight even alerted the new network fire – 4~10 months is the active period of poisonous centipedes, have a night to hospital 6 patients being bitten by a centipede sinks and drains near moist places should pay special attention to, once bitten, first with the old alkali cleaning the wound the soap reporter Yang Qian newspaper correspondent Xu Youjia thought that the weather is getting cold, worm babies will "retreat", who knows, the centipede should run amuck. The day before yesterday evening, Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital received 6 patients bitten by a centipede. The doctor reminds, live in the old district residents should pay attention to, in the moss place, do not easily move bricks; go to the West Lake scenic spot, especially the more humid place to be especially careful. Bite by centipede midnight alerted fire 73 year old grandmother Shen did not think of how to be a centipede "ah" sound bite, even in the middle of the night finally dispatched fire officers and soldiers. 9 points last night, Shen grandmother in the kitchen cleaning, she took the cloth for wiping the table, suddenly, a sharp pain in his left ring finger, suddenly saw a fifteen cm long centipede climb her fingers, she suddenly ignorant. "After a while, the finger and hand drum up, large wheal then appears on the body, people also feel chest tightness, shortness of breath." Shen grandma still suffering from the shock. At 11 in the evening, she went to Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital emergency room. "The reception, with Qingrejiedu, anti allergy topical and oral administration of drugs to her immediately, but his left ring finger on the platinum ring and wrist bracelet son tightly." Reception of the skin in Corning dimensional doctor said, if you do not get down, local skin necrosis. In the early hours of joint efforts of firefighters and nurses under the grandmother’s ring and the jade bracelets removed. One night, emergency room admissions of 6 patients were bitten by a centipede Ning Weixuan turned doctor admissions registration said the night before the 6 bite by centipede bite, watch TV at home, sitting in the car on the bite. Ning Weixuan said, snake, centipede and scorpion, toad and house lizard, called "Wudu", and among the first wudu. During the daytime they hide in the dark, activities went out at night, earthworms, insects and other animal feed. Annual 4~10 month is the active period of poisonous centipedes, at present due to the high temperature, moisture, it is found the peak activity of centipede. Like some pattern of older dark wet areas, especially in the vicinity of sinks and drains to the centipede infested area. Centipede like haunt in damp places, people in recent days to play in West Lake scenic areas to be particularly careful." Ning Weixuan reminded, in particular, Ge Ge Ling, Wu Shan and other places where the environment is relatively humid, the possibility of a large centipede infested. In contrast, Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, Orioles Singing in the Willows, a park near the park to six, relatively dry, centipede infested is relatively small. After the bite first washed with soap Wang Xiaoyong deputy director of the Department of Dermatology Hospital said, the toxicity of centipede with acid, the bite occurs after local swelling, pain, rash and other phenomena, even when serious vomiting, allergic shock and other symptoms.相关的主题文章: