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A chief customs intelligence people gain a sense of touch – Sohu news in April 20, 2016, Gansu Qinan county Gansu City Education Park go teach teacher Wang Fengfeng students in the music class. People.com.cn reporter Shen Ning photo: "let the rural education reform is not weak, not crowded town" and "China about 2800000 rural primary and secondary school teachers, they held in remote and poor areas of Rural Center School and a small village and teaching points, weaving a colorful dream village children. However, this should be the greatest and most beautiful professional groups, but did not receive due respect and attention of society." During the two sessions in 2015, Ma Dexiu, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee of UNESCO, a speech is thought-provoking. Ma Dexiu and the hearts of about 2800000 rural teachers, it is the focus of the central deep restructuring efforts to solve. A month later, in the afternoon of April 1st, the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group held its eleventh meeting, which approved the "plan to support rural teachers (20152020 years)". To solve the problem of rural education, the problem of rural teachers is an important fulcrum." Researcher Chu Zhaohui China Education Scientific Research Institute believes that only the development of rural teachers supplement channels, rural teachers to improve living conditions, unified staff staffing standards, the title (duties) evaluation, tilt to the village schools to promote the city of outstanding teachers to flow in rural schools, can let the beautiful rural weak schools to improve the quality of education, to stop the flow of the source, reduce the pressure of school. These are the key measures of external expectations, the central deep restructuring are finalized by. The rural teachers are placed in the dignified and imposing the priority strategic position. Four North Primary School in Anhui province Huoqiu County Song Dian Xiang Zhang is "rural teachers support program beneficiaries. She told people.com.cn reporters, in June this year, Huoqiu County Bureau of Education issued a notice again, living allowance paid to teachers at the grass-roots level in rural areas and poor areas of the spring semester 2016 award of merit pay will be issued, "these subsidies and support policies that national emphasis on rural education, rural teachers welcomed our common." In September this year, the teachers work division of the Ministry of education director Wang Dinghua said, at present, nearly 600 counties contiguous poor areas has been the implementation of rural teachers living allowance, average subsidies of nearly 300 yuan, more than 1 million people to benefit rural teachers. Today, the rural teachers do not go, can not stay, the situation is not good to teach a certain ease, and even some areas have returned to rural teachers. For a long time, China’s urban and rural educational resources are not evenly distributed, "rural weak, urban crowded" situation is prominent. In order to further promote the education fair, the morning of May 20, 2016, the twenty-fourth meeting of the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group for consideration by the "opinions on the overall development of urban and rural compulsory education integration reform" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). "If a school at home is as good as a school in the city, many rural students will not go to school in town for the pursuit of quality education." Deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences researcher Shi Yajuan had accepted an interview with people’s daily reporter.相关的主题文章: