A few can be achieved Ten legends of the game will be announced in 2017-ca1806

A few can be achieved? Ten general in 2017 announced the 2016 game Legend has passed, the majority of game player games news had a keen interest in the gradually confirmed, no longer like the unknown so exciting, so a look at people for the 2017 games have a kind of rumors? Have to say, with "uncharted 4" and "unmanned" deep space in 2016 a whoop and a holler is very interesting, but the truth of the 2016 game industry does not exceed the overall level of 2015. So the 2017 game industry may effortlessly surpass the 2016 performance, moreover, there are many rumors about the 2017 games, it will continue to render is worth we are looking forward to a year. In addition to a small number of rumors have been confirmed, such as Assassin’s creed, the return of most of the information listed are not officially affirmed. Fortunately, on the Internet, such as the best platform for the production and dissemination of rumors, even the smallest and most potential news can be dug out and spread to the world. Let us take a look at the 2017 games in the rumors of rumors, let the game player exciting is what. "2" is "death Island offering death island since 2" was released in 2014 E3, the release process has been to make people confused. Originally committed to release in 2015, and soon was postponed to 2016, in 2016, once again let the players hope to lose, we can only hope that in 2017. "Death Island 2" such a long time delay is probably because Deep Silver and Yager Development in charge of R & D lifted the relations of cooperation. In March, the UK based Sumo Digital announced that they were working on the Deep Silver project, but since then, there has been no news about the island of death 2. In this information age rapidly spread rumors, project updates and social media are closely linked, then contact before Steam on the island of death "2" the store page also depends on the fact that the whole thing seems to be more pessimistic. So don’t send too much hope on the island of death 2 unless it can be determined to be cancelled. 9.Rockstar (finally) will launch a "wilderness biaoke" work around "wilderness biaoke sequel" speculation has continued for many years, fans from interpretation of the concept design that works is in development, but so far have not any official news about the sequel to the studio, but we issued on 2017 with there was enough reason to look forward to. Before the netizens to push an independent blogger wrote the post, said in the post Rockstar studio will bring new "wilderness biaoke" at the September 7th SONY PlayStation conference. If you are willing to trust the blogger, everyone.相关的主题文章: