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Great attention to the way of wine storage – Sohu food and drink Abstract: for those who love wine, wine storage knowledge is essential. If the wine is properly stored, on the one hand, it can maintain and improve its quality, on the other hand, it can prolong its life cycle. Red wine world network (micro signal: wine-world) for the majority of wine lovers wine storage core. Wine storage is good and bad, has a very significant impact on the taste of wine, improper storage, will change the wine aroma and flavor, and even wine deterioration. So how to store wine? 1 the best storage temperature of wine is the key link in the storage of wine. If a wine is stored in an unsuitable temperature condition, its flavor, aroma and wine will be greatly affected. The ideal wine cellar temperature is about 10 DEG -15 DEG, but the most important is the temperature is stable, because the change of temperature will affect the speed and taste of ripe Wine. If the storage temperature Wine many drastic changes, will make the rough taste less delicate, will also affect the wine master to control the ageing time. So as long as the temperature can be maintained, 5 degrees -20 degrees C can be accepted. But the cold cellar will make Wine growth slow, need to wait for a long time; on the contrary, if the temperature is too high, mature speed will make the Wine accelerate, may reduce the delicate and rich flavor. Usually the basement temperature effect is the best, the entrance is best located in the Yin to avoid the influence of temperature. The temperature change moment should also pay attention to the wine cellar, and the room temperature is too large, in Wine out, also will bring harm to sensitive Wine, so the automatic temperature control cabinet or cellar best in summer when temperature was slightly higher. 2 wine is stored away from light and frankly, the light is not gracious to the wine. Tannic acid in wine will be oxidized rapidly, which will reduce the quality of wine. Sunlight and ultraviolet light can accelerate the oxidation of wine, the loss of some of the flavor, especially white wine and sparkling wine, due to storage in a light colored glass bottles, more vulnerable to light damage. Therefore, wine should be stored in a dark place. In the cellar is recommended to install low voltage warm light, to avoid the use of spotlights. In particular, the prohibition of the installation of a devastating impact on wine neon lights. There are more and more diode lamps in our daily life. They make a soft light, very consistent with the cellar atmosphere, in addition its power consumption is very low. 3 wine bottles can be stored for how long? With the improvement of people’s quality of life, wine is more and more popular. But sometimes we open a bottle of Wine, and disposable and cannot drink, then the rest of the store but also how long? In general, if you do not use the specific preservation technology, after opening the bottle Wine at room temperature will change. Usually 3 days or so wine will completely deteriorate (white wine for 2 days). 1 days left!相关的主题文章: