A Musical Masterpiece To Celebrate Foundation Day At Siib-masa-c

Reference-and-Education The growth of business and economy owes its credit to the recent wave of technological advancements. However even before technology took business to the next level our country experienced a wave of globalisation in the 90s. India opened its doors to foreign investments and witnessed growth like never before. India was soon going to need business managers with a global perspective to understand the dynamically evolving economy. As a result of this insight; the foundations for Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade was laid way back in 1992. The courses were specially designed to help students understand the dynamics of global economies and their impact on business management. Gradually SIFT delivered many leaders to the economy and evolved to be.e the Symbiosis institute of international business that it is today. This year on July 10th, SIIB celebrated twenty years of a glorious journey that began in 1992. Today the institute offers many courses apart from international business. However the MBA in international business continues to rule the hearts of many aspiring managers across the country. After all, an MBA in international business equips students with a degree that allows them to choose from multiple career options. International business paves way to core areas like Supply chain management, HR, Marketing and Finance. MBA in finance has huge prospects and is a great enabler for all students especially during placements. SIIB has always emphasised on providing their students with state of art infrastructure and the best in terms of knowledge to develop a culture of proactive approach towards business management. SIIB also provides specialization in areas of Energy (MBA in Energy) and Agribusiness. MBA in Energy is a two year full time residential course. This course equips students to learn the latest developments in the areas of technology so that they could equip themselves as global managers for tomorrow. MBA in Agri business on the other hand has been set as a two year residential course made with the vision of growing agricultural sector within our country. Agri business gives the students the aspiration and knowledge to grow with ever increasing demand of Agriculture. Jobs in Agriculture have provided plethora of opportunities to SIIB students and is still in large amount of need in the present economic arena. The institute has entered its 21st year and continues to successfully inspire many students to transform their dreams into reality. On the 10th of July 2012 staff and faculty at SIIB held a grand event to mark the successful .pletion of 20 years of the institute. In line with their tradition of promoting a global culture; SIIB planned its foundation event based on music. After all, music is known to unite people across borders. SIIB with the help of SPICMACAY (The Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth) organised a memorable program as part of the foundation day event. With Pandit Arvind Kumar Azad on table and Shree Rajendra Bhagwat Rao Kulkarni on the flute; audience were treated to a musical extravaganza all throughout the event. The musical maestros entertained the audience with ragas like Pilu, Pahadi and many more beautiful .positions. The esteemed gurus also shared a few light hearted moments with the guests. The event concluded with a splendid .position in Bhairavi which truly left the audience spellbound. As the grand event neared its end; the soulful music left the audience totally refreshed and asking for more. SIIB celebrated its 20 years in a big way amidst the presence of esteemed guests in Pune. Alumni, students, staff and renowned experts from the industry were a part of the celebration. The institute has grown a great deal in the last two decades helping students achieve their goals year on year. As SIIB enters into its 21st year; the institute continues to .e up with innovative teaching techniques to match the dynamics of economies across the globe. SIIB gets its students through the SNAP exam which is held every year in December. MBA in symbiosis is a dream to nurture for all students and SIIB stands tall in its place to ensure that their students get the maximum learning in their tenure of 2 years. Lead by the highly talented Dr. Rajini Gupte as its director; SIIB will keep up the good work of helping aspiring students build grand careers in international markets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: