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A special member of the Central Committee alternate: the only government leaders – Sohu News 24, the CPC Central Committee of the Sixth Plenary Session of the opening of the eighteenth. In this important party meeting, the current Central Committee and the Central Committee members to attend all. Political circle to say is one of the central alternate members. The central candidate is a bit special, not only a woman, but also the only member of the provincial government. Some small partners may guess, to say is the chairman of the Ningxia autonomous region. Xian Hui from Gansu to Ningxia in June this year, the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region government leaders in September officially said. When the girls in commission only provincial government leaders know political circle statistics, in the alternate member of the Central Committee of the existing female, Hui Xian is the only one provincial government leaders. According to the number of votes in order for an alternate member of the list, ranked eighth in the Xian Hui, before Ma Jiantang, Mao Wanchun, Liu Xiaokai, Wang Zuoan (Miao), Chen Zhirong (LI), Jin Zhenji (Korean), Zhao Xiangeng had been filled by the central committee. Before the Xian Hui, the only central committee member of the women’s provincial leaders for Liu Hui. In July this year, Liu Hui took office deputy director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission (ministerial level), the former chairman of the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Hui Xian took over duties. Xian Hui public information shows that Hui Hui Hui, born in 1958. From 1982, after graduating from college, she worked in the hometown of Gansu, a former Deputy Minister of Gansu provincial Party committee, Deputy Minister of the United Front Department, provincial Party Committee Organization Department of provincial Party committee, Gansu vice governor and deputy governor and other staff. Until this moved to Ningxia in September this year, was elected chairman of the Ningxia autonomous region, she also became the only female provincial leaders after Liu Hui in the central committee. Say a lot of other women alternate members of the Central Committee, they are also short of promotion. In recent days, alternate member of the central retiring Nanjing party secretary Huang Lixin, deputy governor of Jiangsu Province in May 30, 2016 to fill a vacancy, checked sacked Li Yunfeng, further career. She also became the executive vice governor of Yunnan province Li Jiang (female), alternate member of the Central Committee in second incumbent provincial government deputy office of women. In case of accident took office after a week two to the scene to salty Hui Autonomous Region Chairman took office soon, is located in Shizuishan city of Ningxia Lin Coal Co. coal mine No. three wells gas explosion accident occurred, resulting in 1 deaths, 19 people were trapped underground. The political circle know note that occurred in the morning of September 27th after the accident, the chairman of the autonomous region, Xian Hui made important instructions for the first time, and quickly rushed to the scene of the rescue, also held by the autonomous region coal safety supervision, supervision, public security, fire, health and other departments and the Shizuishan municipal responsible comrades of the emergency meeting. Hui Xian clearly put forward four requirements: one is to mobilize all forces to rescue trapped people, science rescue to prevent secondary disasters. The two is the establishment of emergency rescue headquarters, under the on-site rescue, medical rescue, rehabilitation treatment, accident investigation, An Baowei stability, public opinion propaganda 6 working groups to work separately. Three is timely and accurate reporting.相关的主题文章: