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"A top 10000" file Xiliang friend charming singles Qi – Sohu entertainment "a top ten thousand words of" Qi Xi Qi Xi and the creative Sohu entertainment news yesterday, by the original author Liu Zhenyun served as screenwriter, producer Jiang Zhiqiang, Liu Yulin directed the feature film "a top 10000" held in Beijing fixed gear conference, "the goddess" Qi Xi as a special star, and starring Li Qian, Bei Liu, Wei Fan, you and Sun Qian together dressed attended the conference. In a sense of design nude coat her half exposed collarbone and slender legs, tall figure glance, generous intellectual yet sexy. The scene, not only announced the "happy maze" concept poster and set file notice, also announced that the film will be released on November 11th "singles day" global. It is reported that the movie adaptation of Liu Zhenyun won the Mao Dun prize for literature in the novel of the same name "a top 10000", which he himself was a screenwriter, to endure, or not "as the core, about two ordinary people to talk to people, after numerous difficulties and dangers emotional struggle story statement a Liu Zhenyun type Chinese loneliness and friendship view. The star of the film, Qi Xi said very happy, the content of the film is very attractive, very lucky to play, this movie is different from previous own movie, she said will try different types and content of the movie, to bring more and better for the audience.   相关的主题文章: