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A small child reading VS never read the huge difference between the child – the mother of the Sohu, said the original, reproduced please mark the source you intend to let the children develop the habit of reading it? Do you know what are some of the amazing things that kids have to do with reading and you may never hear of it? A student is a teacher, a chat, she gave me a meaningful advice: "let your child love to read anyway". Because many years of teaching experience told her that all grades are excellent students, basically have the habit of reading extracurricular books. She gave me two children, she once taught: just set people thinking in high school, Xiaoyi scores, childhood love reading, several times due to look at extra-curricular classes and be punished. Xiao Jia is the top student in the class, the class is very serious, he returned to the parents reported a variety of remedial classes. However, a small book that is a waste of time, will affect learning, never read any extra-curricular books. In the past two years, nobody noticed Xiaoyi what time is at the top of the class, teachers and students are no harder than before she became more, she did not appear on any class, the only constant still love books. A little while seems to become less top. After a small senior high school entrance examination, parents make a small relationship with barely a key high school in the city, and is the focus of high school with Xiaoyi scores directly into, although in a key senior high school top clouds, Xiaoyi scores is insufficient for the road. In the past two years, although a little learning is still very hard, but increasingly difficult. Again, nobody noticed Xiaoyi is what time to become a top student in grade. To the end of the entrance, a small force on the undergraduate line, and Xiaoyi with excellent SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores were admitted to a famous university in the United states. Although Xiaoyi not what no taint of fancies of men of letters, but is temper out from the sea of knowledge of the spiritual by foreigners. In fact, reading is not just a simple accumulation of knowledge, reading can be said to be the key to open the door to the child’s wisdom. 1, reading can activate the brain cells of famous educationist Sue Home Linsky said: "the lack of reading ability, plasticity and inhibiting the brain will hinder the fine fiber connectivity, so that they can not guarantee the smooth connection between neurons." On the contrary, love reading children precocious, reading active brain cells, because the brain is like a body of muscle disuse, the more the more thinking to absorb knowledge, stronger brain. The United States of Philadelphia on the potential development of human’s founder · dormann, Glenn; he had contact with a child with cerebral palsy Tommy, Tommy’s mother sent Tommy contact books from the age of 3, has been insisting to Tommy at the age of 6, Tommy actually reading American grade 6 academic books, caused an uproar. It can be said that children often read more and more intelligent. 2, reading can automatically improve children’s learning ability like reading children, learning will be good. The guardian published a study that found that reading had 4 times more impact on children’s intellectual development. The agency is capable of measuring 17000 socioeconomic backgrounds at the age of 5-10.相关的主题文章: