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The precise poverty Xinxinzu (governance new ideas to bring new changes and new practice new ideas) key words: precise poverty poverty alleviation and development is accurate, is accurate, the success key is accurate Changsha newspaper on 7 October,   (Zhou Liyun, Wan Lijun) morning, Hunan County of Huayuan province eighteen Dong Cun long sunny rain. The villagers Shi Chengfu got up early, cheerfully busy. Recall that two years of business, Shi Chengfu grinning: abandoned for many years the pigsty were re used at home last year killed 8 pigs, only meat sold 40 thousand yuan; front and back more than and 10 peach trees, to raise the public by netizens claim, year net income of 3000 yuan; the new door the daughter of a good cook, last year to home dining tourists reached more than 2 thousand people, gross income 60 thousand yuan…… General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "poverty alleviation is accurate, is accurate, the success key is accurate." November 3, 2013, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the eighteen villages in the investigation of the proposed precise poverty alleviation requirements for the eighteen villages out of poverty pointed out the direction. Huayuan county poverty alleviation team stationed in the village. "There are no wages at home, in the city to buy a commercial housing assessment……" "Head for the masses voting recognition, three documents, the public announcement, the township audit, county approval, household registration, in accordance with the" Nine "and" seven step ", the team quickly out of 136 households, 542 poor people from the village screening. General secretary of care, aroused our confidence." The village Party Secretary Gong Haihua introduction, the village with poverty alleviation funds to help 136 poor households to buy fruit seedling man 28% stake in the company, in the county agricultural technology demonstration park to transfer 1000 acres of land, construction of kiwi fruit base. Old secretary Shi Shunlian home every day, gathered more than 10 women "feizhenzouxian". In May 2014, the village was founded by Miaoxiu cooperatives, "company + cooperative + farmer" mode, and Jishou City, Huayuan county and other places Miaoxiu signed an agreement to jointly develop the characteristics of embroidery. As the village’s first restaurant, the Quanyou home often packed with tourists. Two years, village farmhouse grew to 5, with the Miao characteristics as the main resources of tourism and leisure tourism, attracting about 200000 tourists. In 3 years, according to the "poverty alleviation object accurate, precise and accurate use of funds for projects and measures to users precise and accurate, because the village sent out of poverty results accurate", eighteen hole village has set up special tourism, kiwi base, breeding, labor economy and electronic commerce industry. So far, the village has 265 impoverished population off poor cap". "In a few years, eighteen holes will be able to get rid of poverty ‘hat’." In the village poverty alleviation team captain Long Xiulin said. SourcePh" style=" " > Xinhua Changchun October 7,   Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council from 6 to 7 in Jilin Province, the research of agricultural and rural work. He stressed the need to promote structural reform of agricultural supply side, is a major measure to improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. Should conscientiously implement the Party Central committee,;相关的主题文章: