After the explosion it is the authentic fitness wristband and sleep tracking analyzer (video)

After the explosion it is the authentic fitness wristband sleep tracking and analyzer still use fitness wrist brought to track sleep? This type of equipment is not only poor accuracy, but also must be worn when sleeping in the hands, and some even stupid to manually open your sleep tracking mode. If you really pay attention to their quality of sleep, may choose a more professional sleep tracker. Meet Sense sleep tracker Sense is such a product. It seems to be a common ornament your bedside table, but the actual function of sleep is to track. Sense is made up of 2 parts, the spherical device is responsible for the analysis of the sleeping environment and data, while the other sleeping pill needs to be put on the pillow to do the actual work. One of the functions of Sense is the detection of sleep environment. It will be a variety of indicators on the conditions of your bedroom were detected, including temperature, humidity, air quality and noise, and then emit light of different colors to judge your sleep environment, sleep is not suitable for the red, yellow and green represents the environment in general, suitable for sleep. Sleep tracking is supported by the sleep pill. It can automatically record the time you go to bed, sleep and roll over, and the noise during sleep. When you wake up, the complete sleep report will be sent to the connected mobile phone, which includes not only a detailed analysis of sleep time, but also for your sleep state scoring. With the increase in the number of use, Sense can also provide suggestions to improve the quality of sleep for your reference. In addition, Sense is a wake-up call with a natural wake-up function. It will start in 30 minutes before the preset time, the volume from weak to strong. In this way, you will always be in the wake of the shallow sleep state, so as to have a good rest and refreshed in the morning after. Print specification: 70mm (meter diameter), 14.05mm (sleep pill diameter) weight: 385.5 grams of color: black and white power: USB charging (detector), button batteries (sleeping pills) BUY index: * * * if you want in the most simple way to track your sleep, but also hope that as much as possible accurate tracking data, the Sense is definitely the best choice. Buy the way: American Amazon reference price: $129 (about 855 yuan) [that you are a prodigal child! Come with us to break off, Buy home to buy buy buy! Let these small things to meet your life in the small lucky. ]相关的主题文章: