Air force spokesman People’s Liberation Army will continue to patrol the air defense identification

The air force spokesman: People’s Liberation Army will continue in the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone police patrol on November 4th, the eleventh session of the China airshow ushered in the first public open day, the British Royal Air Force Red Arrows Aerobatic Team of stunt flying. Newspaper reporter Mu Keshuang photo Chinese airshow held in the press conference, spokesman of the air force — our air force strategic transformation from quantitative to qualitative leap in November 4, Zhuhai newspaper reporter Li Kaiqiang reported: "the party’s eighteen years, the people’s air force over the island, the East China Sea, South China Sea war patrol control system, speed up the development of high-tech weapons and equipment, promoting the air force the strategic transformation of leap from quantitative to qualitative change." In November 4th, the air force held a press conference in China show site, spokesman Shen Jinke introduced the situation of the development of the air force Chinese. – over the island. In March 30, 2015, the air force -6K aircraft first flew by detonation of the Bashi Channel to the Western Pacific sea training. As of now, the air force has 6 flying out of the first island chain drill in the Western Pacific, dispatched bombers, fighter aircraft, aircraft, refueling and other more fighters. In accordance with relevant international law and international practice, the air force will be normalized organization aviation flying out of the first island chain of sea training. – control of the East China sea. November 23, 2013, the Chinese government announced the establishment of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone, the Air Force conducted an air patrol on the same day. For 3 years, the air force has been normalized air patrol. Air force will continue to implement the air defense identification zone in the East China Sea Air Defense patrol, resolutely safeguard China’s legitimate rights and interests. Battle of the South China sea. In mid July this year, the air force dispatched -6K aircraft to bomb Huangyan Island reefs near the airspace combat cruise fighter and reconnaissance aircraft, air refueling machine to carry out the task. Air force to fight the South China Sea battle has been normalized, and will continue to normalize. – air defense and anti missile. Third generation air defense missile air force missile units have been equipped China independent research and development, and the formation of combat capability. At present, the air force air defense combat system formed a combination of low altitude short-range, high school far, under the condition of information to enhance the ability of air defence and antimissile. – International cooperation. In recent years, the air force and the air force in the world Chinese high-level visits, joint training and joint exercises, combat training, flight safety and equipment technology and other areas to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation. "Chinese show over the past 20 years, has become an effective platform for China air force and the countries and people friendly exchanges and cooperation, interaction." Shen Jinke said, the people’s air force is a landmark, shaping the future of the profound changes in the design, the urgent need for community care and support and help. The general public can expect from the Chinese airshow, deeply felt the people’s Air Force’s wishes and expectations, to build a world-class power air refueling. The people’s air force will fly higher and farther, closer to the people."相关的主题文章: