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VR shopping commercial Jingdong said the distance Ali also need? — home — original title: VR shopping commercial Jingdong said the distance Ali also need how long? Near the double 11 shopping carnival, Jingdong and Tmall you come to me quite a tense atmosphere to frequently. In addition to the online supermarket to win an argument, for the "VR+ shopping" is a new thing, their competition has already begun. Then, the Jingdong also optimistic about Ali and VR shopping, really into the daily life of ordinary consumer need? VR+ shopping buy+ Ali Ali Sike Jingdong announced in March this year, the establishment of VR laboratory, start the VR shopping project "Buy+", consumers can shop in a virtual environment using VR technology, this technology is expected to online shopping and offline shopping has almost the same perfect experience. In July this year, Taobao Creative Festival, TechWeb also took the lead to experience a Buy+ shopping. This is equipped with HTC Vive helmet and handle, although only two Buy+ shopping experience, but the outline of the future shopping is very clear. This is likely to subvert the traditional way of shopping new things, causing more and more attention to the electricity supplier companies. Recently, the Jingdong released the VR AR strategy, the establishment of the global electricity supplier in the field of the first VR AR industry promotion alliance, a coalition of more than and 30 VR AR on the upstream and downstream enterprises, from VR, AR hardware vendors, algorithm and system to content producers, suppliers, covering the complete VR, AR ecology, through brand marketing the financial operation, etc., the integration of industry resources, to provide full support for the VR and AR enterprises. In addition to the layout of the ecological industry, Jingdong also demonstrated its own VR shopping applications – VR shopping galaxy, the system will be open to third parties, allowing users to experience a richer shopping scene. Jingdong’s current focus in the field of 3C, home appliances and other fields, the first to open consumer electronics stores. According to Jingdong VR project leader Weng Chi introduction, the end of April this year, the Jingdong VR AR laboratory was formally established, has been engaged in related research in fact two years ago. In August this year, Jingdong executives went to the United States, Silicon Valley, the popular VR AR manufacturers conducted a visit. Weng Chi said, the feeling is very deep, "we see the original line is absolutely true shopping scene, social shopping scene, the electricity supplier era we are providing whenever and wherever possible shopping scene, is to meet the actual demand for shopping, but may feel lack of offline experience. VR according to the original offline shopping and online shopping together now whenever and wherever possible is not real, but very realistic, with a product can completely feel his weight, this is we want to show the future after VR shopping scene. This is our vision for the future shopping scene." Imagine how to solve the problem of how to solve the cost of Jingdong’s vision and Ali launched the original intention of Buy+ is exactly the same, they also see this new way of shopping for traditional electricity supplier giant subversive force. The future is beautiful, but相关的主题文章: