Another new year high FAW Mazda sales in September broke imjpmig

Another new high for the year September, FAW Mazda sales break million in September, total sales of FAW Mazda new year high orders, wholesale and terminal sales were more than 10000 units, of which the terminal sales growth of more than 20%. At the same time, this is also a lapse of 30 months later, FAW Mazda single month sales return to 10000 clubs. From the specific models, FAW Mazda double star products eye-catching performance. June CX-4 listed in the terminal sales in September exceeded 5000 units, sales for the four consecutive month, and the majority of the country’s dealers are still in short supply state. But as Mazda’s new flagship model, a Tezi terminal sales in September exceeded 4280, excellent in shrinking in the senior car market performance. The overall sales continued to grow, thanks to the success of FAW Mazda double star product strategy. In the second half of this year, the highest level of technology on behalf of the two models of the 6.5 generation of products have been put on the market in a short period of time on the market in the. The world’s first futuristic coupe SUV CX-4 coupe with avant-garde design, humanized technology rich and excellent Almighty driving, showing a new trend in the future development of SUV products, and won the young consumers. And as the most high-end products of the Mazda brand, new Tezi achieve more than 70 new upgrade, not only the appearance of a more stable atmosphere, one of the men driving experience more outstanding, also achieved a number of intelligent technology is the standard 20, on par with luxury brands at the same time, also brought a new trend in senior car market. The formation of the double star product line marks the FAW Mazda enterprise development into a new stage. Boost sales steadily, while the two products have become an important weight in the future layout of FAW Mazda. The golden nine silvers ten has always been the domestic automobile consumption peak in September, FAW Mazda sales growth also proved that the two models of strong market competitiveness. With the arrival of the eleven golden week and the end of the season, FAW Mazda will usher in a new round of rising sales.相关的主题文章: