Another pair! Chen Yifei 5600 meters above sea level proposal to succeed Tan Weiwei sayu-02

Another pair! Chen Yifei 5600 meters above sea level proposal for the success of the original title of Tan Weiwei: the altitude of 5600 meters to witness love! Chen and Tan Weiwei marry Chen Yifei Tan Weiwei is also flying the two kissing Sina entertainment news the evening of September 1st, the media broke the news that Chen Yifei proposed by micro-blog, Tan Weiwei [micro-blog], 5600 meters above sea level for their testimony, wrote: "the 5600 meters above sea level can not stop love, congratulations to marry Chen Yifei Tan Weiwei, always remember the name of Okahito Namisai where you remember each other’s special love. Bless!" And upload multiple photos to sweet photos, photos, Chen is also flying on one knee to propose to Tan Weiwei, and to the woman wearing the ring, Tan Weiwei moved to tears, then two sweet hug and kiss. The onlookers passers-by have come up with the camera photographed this happy moment, together to witness the sweetness of the two. In this regard, users have onlookers and send sincere blessings. It is reported that Tan Weiwei boyfriend in the TV version of the 33 days of love in the drama of Wei still in March last year, in the past, she had a? In order to admit has love, but has been kept secret for him, just say "if you get married will ask everyone to eat candy." Recently, two people is a high-profile "telekinesis" love relationship once in a semi transparent state. (I am MIHR) (commissioning editor: YY) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: