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The apple iphone is truly a universal phone that is light years ahead of the competition with its ease of use and versatility. Personalize your cell phone with Apple iPhone covers, faceplates and Shield Protectors. The Apple iPhone features an innovative multi-touch display that allows for easy navigation of the phone’s features. The Apple iPhone had been rumored for over 4 years now but the waiting is over. When the original Apple iPhone arrived in June 2007, it was greeted by massive hype and long lines at Apple and O2 stores. Apple points out that iPhone’s features are unlike a lot other cellphones it can be upgraded in the future through software. Apple also insists corporate e-mail through the phone is safe. Apple recently raised iPhone battery estimates to up to eight hours of talk time, six hours of Internet use, seven hours of video playback, 24 hours of audio playback and more than 10 days of standby. Apple iPhone accessories include Apple iPhone belt clip cases and holsters for carrying convenience. Apple wanted to make sure that the public learned thru its videos that the keyboard would be easy to use, and also easier than most other smartphones on the market. Each owner has effectively signed an End User License Agreement when purchasing an iphone and this says that by modifying or using third-party software on the device you will invalidate or void your warranty. Two of the chips on this board have Apple logos on them, the larger of the two appears to be the iPhone’s ARM processor manufactured by Samsung. Email: As previously mentioned you can setup Yahoo, Gmail, and hosted Exchange email accounts on the iPhone. (see who voicemail is from,before you call). You will have no problems sending and receiving email. Sending an email just requires you to enter an email address manually or get it from one of your contacts. The iPhone also boasts desktop-class email, web browsing, and searching. Visual Voicemail is nice, but you can also get much of the same experience on any web-enabled phone with GotVoice Visual Voicemail if this is important to you. There is also no dragging and dropping functionality other than the flicking to access or delete in email. Once you get the hang of its "multitouch" interface you just give it a few days and you won’t have to keep a separate iPod and cellphone in your pocket. Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone is a lovely device with a sleek interface, top-notch music and video features and innovative design touches. Depending on what you’re doing, the touchscreen serves as your number keypad, your keyboard, your Safari browser and your music and video player. Video YouTube, yes, iPod games,no. You can watch movies, music videos, podcasts and TV shows synced through iTunes. You can watch the most-viewed streaming videos and search for others. The process takes only a few minutes, after which you can sync the device with your music, videos, photos, TV shows, calendars, movies, e-mail accounts and Web-browser bookmarks. Apple wanted to make sure that it got the point out to the public in its videos that the keyboard would be easy to use, and also easier than any other smartphone out today. The company’s participation in the cell-phone market has been hurt by complaints about the year-old iPhone’s data download speeds, which can make simple tasks like sending pictures over e-mail or downloading Internet videos painfully slow. It’s easy to find all features, and we like that essential features aren’t buried under random menus. Apple IPhone receives an overall Top Ten REVIEWS score of 2. the Apple iPhone sets a new benchmark for an integrated phone and MP3 player. Compare prices and stores and find the best deal on Apple iPhone phones and accessories. About the Author: Jim Woodall,has 49plus years business exp. He is involved in internet and niche mktg. Visit his Apple iPhone website at Videos, News Feeds and much good info there. You can get 3 mktg Ebooks Free with NO Obligation at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: