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Press-Releases KANATA, ONTARIO July, 2010 — In his new book, Win at Work – navigate the nasties, get things done and get ahead Kanata author Shaun Belding explodes three myths around what it takes to be successful: that success and financial wealth are the same thing; that success is only attainable for a few; and that success has to .e at a price. Win at Work is a collection of philosophies, principles and practices shared by successful people, gleaned from research and Belding’s 20 years of experience in the field. It has five sections: -The Winning Attitude -Achievement and Success -Winning in the Workplace -Winning with People -Dealing with Stress and Difficult People The book begins with a story about Jonas – a 24-year-old salesman who unexpectedly (to him) found himself on the fast-track to success while others around him were being laid off. Although on the surface it appeared he had beaten the odds, Belding points out that he had actually changed the odds in his favour. The rest of the book outlines the things that Jonas and people like him do to make the most of their opportunities. As for the myths, here are a few things Belding suggests we consider: If you were to ask Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or J.K. Rowling to define success, do you really think they would say "money?" Not likely. Belding suggests that success is actually only unattainable for a few. And he points out that if you sacrifice the things that are important to you to meet your goals, can you really call it success? Some of the other chapters include The 5 characteristics of a Winning Attitude, Your 100 Day Plan, Your Winning Personal Image, Rules for Building Better Workplace Relationships, The Way of Words and All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go. The best part, Belding says, is that we can all win at work. There are no losers in this journey – only those who don’t pack their bags and get started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: