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Beijing property market new regulations there is no qualification in the purchase of the housing

Beijing property market rules: no purchase qualification not in the real of the individual signature — property — original title: Beijing property market rules: no purchase qualification not in the real book according to individual signature sound Chinese "peak Evening News" reported that Beijing has recently implemented a new deal, plugging through marriage cheat purchase qualification behavior. Couples buy new houses, in network links, unable to purchase a party without qualification the real name of a separate signature. It is said that such restrictions will soon apply to the secondary housing market. Since February 2011, Beijing introduced the purchase order, limiting conditions for many people family house in Beijing to take root. Part of the purchase of the property to take a short marriage and then divorced, the purchase of qualified. Recently, Beijing introduced the new deal, according to the requirements of the new deal signed, if both husband and wife together to buy a house, the man, the woman did not have qualified buyers, then you can not only the name of this room. Previously, the couple to buy a house, the house on the "name" will have three ways: the man and woman, both sides. After the implementation of the new regulations, the party does not qualify for the purchase of Beijing, it can not be alone in the room. However, this provision is only available for the purchase of new premises. An intermediary staff told reporters that want to buy a second-hand housing in the short term can still operate by way of marriage. "The new house is like this, if you do not have the qualifications, to find a Beijing people, two people can buy, it can not be out of the name of a person who is not qualified, only to have a qualified person under the name. However, the secondary housing now does not have this requirement, second-hand housing fell to either side can be. Anyway, you want to get married, and then buy, buy and then leave." Insiders said that this provision will soon be extended to apply to the secondary housing market. Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that if the second-hand housing market to implement this new policy, will effectively curb the fake marriage behavior. However, this can only limit the purchase of loans for the purchase of a small number of property buyers, still can be fake marriage within the means of marriage, divorce, to complete the purchase. Zhang Dawei pointed out that in terms of policy requirements, there must be a party to the purchase of housing in the housing signature. If after the mortgage loan, the loan period is no longer be renamed. This policy is actually blocking the possibility of some people get married through short-term marriage eligibility. But if it is the whole paragraph, because it is possible to make the name of the marriage, so it is difficult to block the policy through the purchase of fake divorce and the purchase of the whole part of the purchase of the crowd. Since this year, including Beijing, first-tier cities and some second tier city housing prices rose, Shanghai residents to buy qualified divorce market faces frequent queuing. Zhang Dawei believes that the current increase in real estate prices from Beijing, is still in the country’s second echelon, is expected to introduce more stringent regulatory policy is unlikely. However, with the optimization of various policies, gray space will become smaller and smaller, the real estate market will be further standardized, but in his view, Beijing property prices will still rise, but gains should be bound. (reporter Ma Chuang) (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章:

The heart of winter leaves experience the traditional culture of ancient elegance (Figure) –

The heart of winter leaves experience the traditional culture of ancient elegance (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, November 18, (Chen Qiuxing) the autumn season, enjoy the leaves fly red, guqin music, to commemorate the fun. November sunny afternoon in Chongqing, Jialing River, a poem of the antique literati gatherings picking leaves attracted in Chongqing expatriates and Ancient Chinese Literature Search lovers to participate. At the scene, Chongqing famous cultural scholars, Dean of Institute of Chongqing, Chongqing Tianfeng Guqin intangible cultural heritage inheritors Guqin Huang Jianhua as guests of incense aficionado, made a special trip to this event. Note: "Shuang Xiaoxia turned the maple leaf, setting the guest parking. No leaf stay green, flying my problem by KO, red, should enjoy the moment Yao Qin Chu, a drum, awfully! Is to remember." Huang Jianhua to foreigners and Ancient Chinese Literature Search lovers to show the "Shuangye heart" works. Zhou Qi she picked up a leaf, write on human or natural feeling, let the waters take to miss the distance, this behavior has left many beautiful poems and legends in the history of literature Chinese. As Chongqing top ten scholar Mr. Huang Jianhua from Britain, Germany, Thailand expatriates and enthusiasts Ancient Chinese Literature Search interpretation of the "leaves poem" culture, and invite you to write writing recollections in the leaves, feel the charm of traditional culture Chinese. The activities of the new Chongqing news network, Chongqing network, Chongqing Tianfeng Book Guqin Institute and know the International Reading Association, aims to show the beauty of traditional culture in Chinese Chongqing foreign friends and lovers Ancient Chinese Literature Search.相关的主题文章:

Dry cargo it 16 years Q3 China orange Internet venture investment analysis report – Sohu

Analysis of dry cargo / IT 16 years Q3 China orange Internet venture investment report – Sohu technology IT orange 2016 Q3 Internet venture inventory has been released, the 63 page full version of PPT download link, the ~ of this report is divided into 7 parts: 1, Q3 2, Q3 investment business situation observation pattern analysis 3, Q3 m and the pattern of listed inventory of 4, Q3 hot field of culture and entertainment, business services, e-commerce, local life, financial, medical and health, 5, Q3 Chinese automobile traffic institutions overseas investment project 6, Q3 7, Q3 company shut down the collapse of the company’s business layout analysis of key data first look: all contents of this report as follows the enjoy~ * can see clear figure PART 12016 in the third quarter Business Bureau click on the picture Potential observation of PART 22016 in the third quarter of the investment pattern analysis of PART 32016 in the third quarter of mergers and acquisitions and pattern of listed inventory PART 42016 in the third quarter of focus in the field of analysis of PART 52016 in the third quarter of Chinese institutions overseas investment project PART 62016 in the third quarter of shutting down collapse in the third quarter of 72016 the company PART company business layout analysis END – end of welfare – public reply Q3, can get the full version of this report相关的主题文章:

With SONY, lux also find her commercials, why can continue Miku circle powder – Sohu Technology-yuanmu

With SONY, lux also find her commercials, why can continue to ring Miku powder? – a technology Sohu "Dolly song", a 16 year old little girl blue green long ponytail in the China ring a lot of powder. But Miku is more than a diva, more specifically, she is a virtual but real idol. And this is a unique identity, let Miku keep vigorous creativity IP. Billion worth of Miku and real idol: no difference what yesterday, Japanese Sony store announced the virtual idol Hatsune future cooperation, launched a limited version of the h.ear On MDR-100 joint headset, with green, blue and white plum Guozi chromium as the substrate, the ear shell collocation Miku pattern and exclusive packaging. In addition to these, the technical specifications and accessories headset itself and MDR-100 ($1300), but the price is 23900 yen (about 1570 yuan), and only in September 12th to October 25th in Japan Sony stores. This is not the first time SONY and the sound of the future cooperation. In 2015, SONY has launched a customized Miku headset MDR-1A. The same year, the VOCALOID custom models, China area price than your headset with the specifications of 200 yuan, while the limited edition of 1000 sets. On-line soon, Tmall official mall, SONY online store that sold out. The animation game information website "and evil society" had Miku called: the world’s first princess worthy of the name — tens of billions of dollars worth of our. As an idol, Hatsune future work involves a wide. From the brand endorsement, advertising, to the global LIVE starred, magazine cover shoot, packaging photo, game characters, models, etc. are the main content of her work. In August 31st, our 9 year old birthday, she played with Marvel characters in the "black widow" Scarlett · Johnson (Lux) Co endorsement of the lux shampoo ads published. Our a change consistent image, put down the signs of double ponytail, a long hair appeared, wearing sexy pink dress. Taobao creation Festival, Miku appeared and sang a new song, attracted many fans come from all over, the scene is hot. In December 10th this year to 11, "2016 Chinese Miku Concert (Beijing Railway Station), Beijing municipal government has approved the host. In addition, Miku had also took over the 7-11, the family convenience store advertising, to participate in the filming of Japanese mobile phone recycling shooting public service ads, TOYOTA, BMW auto advertising, was invited to participate in the Chinese national Ministry of culture of the Beijing concert. In the future sound of music software Vocaloid, offering two years sales of more than fifty thousand sets, is about 200 times without virtual characters music software. It is reported that only at the beginning of the birth, Miku for male.相关的主题文章:

The development of Shanghai city new imagination livable tour should Buick – Shanghai Channel – peop-homefront

The development of Shanghai city new imagination: livable tour should Buick – Shanghai Channel – original title: central activities District, deputy city center, the outskirts of the town, 15 minutes of life…… The new concept of meaning behind the development of Shanghai city new imagination: livable tour should study (commissioning editor: Wang Wenjuan, Xuan Zhao strong)相关的主题文章: