Autumn and winter wear 5 strokes teach you out of a sense of hierarchy

Autumn and winter wear 5 strokes teach you out of a sense of hierarchy lead: autumn and winter wear is most afraid of colour! However, these two problems are the bane of autumn and winter wear a good, not grams. But in fact, as long as you can catch the attention level of autumn and winter wear easily wear handsome cool taste, the following tips let you easily cut out in the autumn and winter fashion sense! (from: fashion COSMO) turtleneck turtleneck sweater in winter is a must-have item, this is two years fashion fine favourite sweater is one of single product, there is a built-in high retro flavor, so in the collocation when downneck will let you LOOK advanced texture. Wearing a turtleneck outfit can easily highlight the sense of hierarchy, collocation a coat coat is the most common autumn and winter wear turtleneck sweater by law. Turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck turtleneck jacket collocation handsome full turtleneck sweater skirt or dress collocation retro elegant turtleneck sweater coat collocation exquisite atmosphere. Turtleneck jacket collocation now that jacket including sweaters and coats the two short coat, actually take a long sweater or shirt is the most and a sense of the level of the collocation, and the profile of the most appropriate, pay attention to the choice of the sleeves, this year there are many long sleeves or super wide sleeves jacket is suitable for autumn and winter wear. Jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket can take long to create a sense of hierarchy short shirt, sweater collocation A word skirt or pleated skirt, sweet short sweater collocation tall waist jeans jacket direct collocation of different materials which actually easier to collocation, but also easy to step on the minefield, different materials can obviously build your sense of hierarchy, the more obvious is the cortex as well as deer leather to the long coat. Different material collocation of different material collocation of different material collocation of different materials can take the collocation cortex coat sweater suede can take the silk shirt choose to attention when the two materials have to take up different material collocation demonstration soft thick scarf scarf is necessary in autumn and winter, then this scarf it is autumn and winter time to highlight the sense of the level of the collocation decoration items, you can use different colors to distinguish, or different thickness and material. Scarf scarf can choose more gorgeous style style thick scarf is more suitable for autumn and winter when direct large scarf with a shawl scarf collocation and color of course, there is a big move to the autumn color collocation. The difference of strong color collocation makes you a sense of the level of highlighting the very place. Autumn autumn autumn color color color and color contrast color hit can choose two kinds of color more gorgeous must form bright color contrast and color collocation相关的主题文章: