Auxiliary police legislation, but also to explore deep-seated

Supplemented by the police legislation, but also to explore the deep-seated problems of the Legislative Affairs Office of Shenzhen recently on the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone police assistance staff regulations (Draft) to the public for comments. The draft proposed to the provisions of the auxiliary police duties, part of the authority will present modifications must be performed by two police officers as a police auxiliary police officers to perform their duties with a. There is no doubt that the auxiliary police in the current is widespread, and bear a large number of the original security patrols by the police, the maintenance of order at the scene, to ease traffic and other duties. Due to various reasons, the auxiliary line in the process of performance has caused many problems and disputes, one of the main reasons is the lag of legislation. From this point of view, it is of positive significance that Shenzhen tries to make a provision for the duties and rights and obligations of the auxiliary police through local legislation. We note that the draft draft for the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, the controversy is not small. For example, it is proposed that in the adjustment of the upper law case, where do such attempts should be careful; some people think that the right part of the police law enforcement to share the auxiliary, fuzzy boundaries or between police and auxiliary police, etc.. In this regard, I think it does not have to worry too much. According to the administrative punishment law, the public security organs only in investigations or inspections, need more than two law enforcement qualified police; and on the basis of administrative compulsory law, the public security organs in the implementation of the restriction of personal freedom and other coercive measures, by more than two law enforcement qualified police. Thus, the law to the local regulations of space is still quite large, local regulations formulated by local people, can not conflict with the position of the premise, to the provisions of the auxiliary police duties, rights and obligations. This also includes, of course, how to coordinate the relationship between police and auxiliary police in the process of law enforcement, responsibility, etc.. For example, security patrols, to maintain order at the scene and even the scene alarming and so on, can be taken into account in the formal status of personnel under the leadership of the police, auxiliary police arrangements bear part of duty. However, it should be stressed that the Shenzhen Auxiliary Police legislation is an important background, the lack of public security organs and had to hire a large number of auxiliary personnel, this phenomenon is not unique to Shenzhen, is very common in the country. Therefore, in the exploration of the auxiliary police legislation, we must think about the deeper problems: is the existing police force or the police duties are too broad to lead to excessive work pressure? At least, in many places, the population has grown dramatically in recent years, and the number of police officers has not increased. The number of people who manage or serve is two times more than that of ten years ago. In these places, rather than spend money to recruit police, it is appropriate to increase the police system. Recruiting a part of auxiliary police is not prepared, but not too mechanical control of the number of police. Of course, the scientific classification of police affairs must also be emphasized. At this point, some of the practice of the court can learn from. In the reform process, the court will be a large number of non trial business by the Secretary and the auxiliary staff to bear, so that the judge focused on trial work. At present, a large number of transactions of the public security organs, such as daily propaganda, printing, community routine inspections, large-scale activities on-site maintenance work order, can also be considered undertaken by the auxiliary police officers to put more police to arrange not by.相关的主题文章: