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Bearbricxs more beautiful cheap configuration without human trench one hundred thousand playing cards SUV – car Sohu with does not increase, the song version listed BYD. When it comes to the well-known overseas Chinese car brand, it will certainly think of it – BYD. The growth of new energy enterprises in Shenzhen Chinese, would China pure electric bus to the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, Singapore and other powers, become "Dave" in the eyes of the meat and potatoes, even Tesla’s brother ponies are jealous of it. Although the new energy vehicles led BYD to the international, but BYD did not give up the development of traditional cars. In September 1st, BYD will bring consumers a cost-effective products — the song edition. Product highlights as an upgraded version of the song, the song version of BYD price of 8.99-14.99 million, the new 1.5T automatic models, with does not increase, very awesome. The new 1.5T automatic C-NCAP five-star safety evaluation – Safety Guards – seal configuration "song" to replace the BYD logo, change the appearance of small – high vehicle increased 4G network, a free 4G flow with cash models compared, there are two main changes in the appearance of the car, a version of the opening of a new song is matchless seal "song" instead of "BYD" logo English LOGO. The two is the "beard" "invisible", the song version of the front bumper with the same color and body design, the overall feeling is more obvious. Left: BYD Gaishi song version right: Bea Di Song interior part, the song version equipped with 8 inch multi touch screen Carpad multimedia system, support Baidu CarLife, Phonelink machine Internet applications. At the same time, the distinguished type and the flagship were added 4G network and cloud services, will also be free of charge for a year of 4G traffic. In addition, the car is equipped with a PM2.5 green net system, panoramic images, 360° the rearview mirror memory linkage system, high fidelity 9 speakers, 55 inch ultra large windows, Sedum Bluetooth and other practical configuration. The BYD version of the song is "trench" security configuration without humanity, adopts high strength 3H full range of collision energy absorbing body, collapsible steering column tube before and after high intensity, number of anticollision beam passive safety configuration; also equipped with 8 airbags, BOS vehicle stability system, brake system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring. System, HDC descent active security configuration. In the C – NCAP collision test, the song also scored 58 points refresh the new regulations under the SUV scoring record, access to five-star safety evaluation. Power, the song version launched a total of 1.5TI, 1.5TID and 2.0TID three kinds of power, 1.5T models can enjoy the state purchase tax cut policy, 2.0TID model manufacturers also subsidize the purchase of 6000 yuan tax! Engineering man also began to play marketing! It is worth mentioning that, has always been in the propaganda than.相关的主题文章: