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Behind the three hundred thousand: military reform on disarmament — military troops winning — chairman Xi in China people’s Anti Japanese War and the 70 anniversary of the victory of the world anti fascist war memorial conference solemnly declared: Chinese will cut military personnel by 300 thousand. The news quickly spread throughout the world, detonated the world public opinion, in the vast numbers of officers and men also aroused waves. Some comrades can not help but feel confused, will not affect the combat capabilities of military disarmament? In fact, this worry is redundant. Let’s go back to disarmament. Why is the key to success in the elite combat troops, a "fine" in early 1945, the end of Mao Zedong discusses after the war our army policy, clearly stated: "soldiers of the fine, not expensive, is still one of the founding principles in the future." Since 1980s, China’s repeated disarmament, swelling to long, quality and efficiency. The Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission and President Xi decided to disarmament 300 thousand, opened a new round of the road warriors. "Essence" means that the command system is flexible and efficient. If the mechanization of war is to eat small, then the information war is more to eat slowly". From the Gulf War, the Kosovo war, the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war, the Syria war, the revolutionary changes of modern warfare and warfare, especially against the commanding role in modern war unprecedented rise, who command system level is flexible and responsive, who can take advantage of, to win the initiative. Such as the United States to promote operational command to the global one, cross joint transformation, can be mobilized anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world, all kinds of power, through the peripheral nerve. Russia has set up the armed forces command center, national defense command center in Syria combat battlefield target accurately and comprehensively, ascertain the implementation of the attack fast, powerful remote delivery, that come and go, it’s important to have an efficient command system. It can be said that the key to victory, to see the establishment of an efficient command thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers; leadership and command system, to seize the core essence of "fine". "Fine" pursuit of optimal combination of power structure. The allocation of military strength, the structure of the system has never been static, only to keep up with the changes in the shape of the war, winning mechanism and constantly adjust, in order to better adapt to the requirements of combat effectiveness. After 1985 million disarmament, our army has increased the proportion of technical arms, artillery became the army’s first armored units, as the army major assault force, army aviation, Marine Corps, army air defense missile troops and a large number of new units have been born. In modern warfare, information leading features more distinctive information superiority become decisive advantage. This forced traction and force structure, focus on the size of the force, motor speed, fire intensity and other factors from the past, to pay attention to the information system of network center, system support, combat platform based on the number of posts in the quality and efficiency, to create "tail teeth smaller, stronger, more hard fist" crack troops. "Fine" requires combat capability to accelerate the upgrade. The essence is not only the optimization of the system, the adjustment of power, but also the rise of combat capability. The 2008 war in Georgia, the Russian rapid response ability is low).相关的主题文章: