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Beijing Chaoyang mad dog bites even dozens of people injured were still in Statistics – Beijing mad dog bites even haunt dozens of people are still being counted the exact number of injured Chaoyang police police arrest JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Wang Jing) yesterday, a mad dog in Chaoyang District Guanghua Road, Yongan and Hebei Tonghui Road intersection and Jianwai SOHO near the bite people. The reporter learned from the Chaoyang CDC, as of 4 pm, more than 20 have been bitten injured from injection of rabies vaccine. Chaoyang District Wei Planning Commission responded that the specific casualty statistics are. Yesterday afternoon, the Chaoyang Branch has sent over police to arrest the mad dog. A netizen said to haunt around 13 am yesterday, there are users in the micro-blog message said, a mad dog appeared in Yongan, Chaoyang District Guanghua Road and Hebei Road intersection and Tong Jianwai SOHO near the number of pedestrians were bitten. According to the netizen said that the family was the dog bites in Yongan nearby, then he took his family to Chaoyang District CDC injection of rabies vaccine. In the CDC, the user has seen more than one injured dog bites. According to the description of the injured, we are all a 40 cm long white dog bites, should be the same dog. Friends said, according to the CDC doctor statistics, to 13:30, has more than a dozen injured to come to the diagnosis and treatment. Another netizen also said on micro-blog, a mad dog is bite from Chaoyangmen Road, Guanghua Road in more than and 30 bites. Reporters get in touch with the user, he told reporters that one of the people bitten by his colleagues, after being a good man to the Chaoyang cdc. More than 4 injured yesterday afternoon, reporters at the Chaoyang District Center for Disease Control and prevention to see several dogs bitten by the parties. About 60 years old Mr Lu was lying in a bed waiting for the doctor for the rest of the right calf cleaning wounds, bleeding, legs are blood, is torn. Mr. Lu told reporters, at noon a little more, he is a garbage station near the dragonfly bridge into the car with rubbish, was suddenly a white dog grabbed her leg, "bite does not relent, still bite, I played it a few feet loose mouth, but it ran not far from come back to bite me. I tried to play it off." In addition, Mr. Zhang from Sichuan to Beijing to work in the vicinity of dog bites guangqumenwai a security guard, a green team in Longtan Park near the East Gate on duty when bitten, a 4 year old boy bitten. > > police response: has been out of the police arrest last night, Chaoyang District Wei Planning Commission, a staff member told reporters that the CDC received the injured from the injection of rabies vaccine is statistical data, the specific number of statistics released by the Chaoyang District agriculture committee. Chaoyang Public Security Bureau police station, a police station told reporters, Chaoyang police station received a number of dog bite alarm call, Chaoyang Branch has sent police to arrest the dog. As of press time, has not yet caught the news of a mad dog.相关的主题文章: