Beijing paid annual leave can cross off should not rest with 3 times compensation crycry

Beijing: paid annual leave can cross off should not rest with 3 times Compensation Legal Evening News (reporter Geng Xueqing) yesterday, the city human IESS released the Beijing labor dispute ten typical cases involving labor remuneration, cancellation and termination of the labor contract and other common labor disputes, and by the Beijing city labor dispute arbitration mechanism the release method. One particularly clear, paid annual leave arrangements for next year, if it should not break off, enterprises should pay workers 3 times compensation. Affected by the economic situation, the city’s labor and personnel disputes continued to grow. City Human Social Security Bureau relevant responsible person said, as of the end of August this year, the city’s labor dispute arbitration institution has accepted labor dispute cases 56 thousand, an increase of 19.7%. From the demand perspective, the dispute involving the direct economic benefits of 86.9% demands of labor remuneration, economic compensation and compensation; from cases involving the type of business, more than 90% of the disputes in non-public enterprises. The person in charge, the ten case of this release, is selected from 2015 the city’s labor dispute arbitration system of the 71 thousand and 300 cases, involving labor remuneration, cancellation and termination of the labor contract, non competition, service period agreement, the period of medical treatment, special employment license and a common labor dispute final cut case. Reporters learned that this is the city following the 2015, the second release of the ten typical cases of labor disputes. It is worth mentioning that, as a key content of the theme of this year’s human social security policy of Beijing city promotion, this year for a typical case, Beijing city labor dispute arbitration institution of law interpretation analysis, so that workers can easily understand, learning. Watch annual leave arrangements should not rest for up to three times the wages paid leave only when Hugh "that year, city people club Bureau clear the Department of misreading. Labor dispute arbitration committee Dai Aimin introduced, in accordance with the law, paid annual leave arrangements across the year, the employer according to the production and operation situation and willing workers to co-ordinate arrangements, rather than to apply as a necessary condition for workers. Dai Aimin said that workers do not apply for leave is not equal to give up. If the laborer has to give up his leave of absence due to his reasons, he must submit an application in writing. In this case, the employer can only pay the normal wages of workers during the period of attendance, without the need to pay additional compensation for the holidays. It should be noted that this is the reason must be the workers themselves, busy work can not become a reason to give up the rest of the year. If workers paid annual leave should be closed and did not rest, the employer shall be in accordance with the daily wage payment is not paid vacation 300%. If the employer has to pay the wages of workers during the normal working period, simply according to the number of days off to pay two times as much as their compensation. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employers also began to rights in the past labor dispute cases, the plaintiff is more workers, and now more and more enterprises have joined the ranks of rights. In the ten case, there is a case of workers leaving after the establishment of similar business company, constitutes a violation of non competition agreement, the employer is on相关的主题文章: