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Beijing Yajian coal pollution 75 thousand households will bid farewell to "loose coal heating" – Sohu press coal is an important source of air pollution in heating season. The day before the reporter from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, during the year, Beijing city will complete the "bulk coal clean energy alternative to 75 thousand households, which can reduce the teenager with the amount of 225 thousand tons of coal, annual reduction of soot emissions 2250 tons, 1530 tons of sulfur dioxide, 450 tons of nitrogen oxides. It is understood that in 2015, six districts of Beijing city to achieve the basic "coal-fired boiler", the core area (Xicheng, Dongcheng) through nearly 18 years of "coal to electricity" basically no coal". In 2016, Beijing will be "civilian scattered coal" to further expand the focus of governance to Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Fangshan, Tongzhou, Daxing plain area. Civilian bulk coal combustion stove, with simple, no purification measures, burning a ton of coal produced by sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and other pollutants, is about a coal-fired boiler cleaning device several times to several times. Beijing City Environmental Protection Bureau, from January to October this year, the city’s civil scattered clean energy alternative to the cumulative transformation of 47 streets and 94 villages, a total of 75 thousand households, the annual reduction in coal consumption of 225 thousand tons. In order to avoid duplication of construction, this year has been included in the recent renovation of shanty towns or demolition plan coal households, not included in the coal to electricity transformation range. In the city no coal transformation, integration of urban and rural areas is difficult, many local channels narrow, crowded mixed, do not have a traditional coal to electricity power facilities supporting engineering home construction conditions. In the traditional coal storage electric heater "on the basis of Beijing city through the shed change, move upstairs, household coal to gas, coal to heat or air source heat pump, courtyard renovation, connecting municipal heating pipe network and other measures to solve the difficulty of a large number of restricted area reconstruction work. According to reports, 2017, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Fangshan, Tongzhou, Daxing District seven plain area will be achieved without coal, complete civil bulk coal clean energy alternative stage work.相关的主题文章: