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Travel experience: BlueSmart smart box positioning can automatically lock the Sohu the Sohu digital technology Luoyuan BlueSmart smart suitcase is an American brand of intelligent hardware products, has caused the attention of digital enthusiasts in the congregation raised. In addition to the realization of the ordinary box pull box load capacity, but also has a positioning, weighing, cell phone control switch lock function, in addition to the built-in lithium battery can be charged for the device. This year the suitcase was introduced in China, the evaluation model provided by Jingdong global intelligence, to buy here, priced at 3599 yuan. BlueSmart looks very business, only a black color, with a universal wheel. The box is made of polycarbonate material, it looks more solid, but. Aluminum rod, the lock by the recovery of air is made of titanium alloy, in order to ensure the safety of. The front layer is made of water resistant and scratch resistant fabric. It is made of 1200D polyethylene. It ensures high water resistance and scratch resistance. Size 21.5 "x14" x9 ", the standard boarding size, can be directly on the plane. Capacity of 34L, but the weight felt more heavy, reaching 4.3 kg. At the top of the box, in addition to manual and mobile control box lock, as well as SNX and TSA007 customs lock. The top opening is not the same as other cases, it is the magnetic suction. There are USB interface, you can connect to the data line charging equipment, but the equipment line needs to bring their own. Battery capacity is 10400mAh. In the vicinity of the tie rod, there is also a USB interface, and an input port for charging the box, the protrusion is the Bluetooth button. The top of the storage space planning is good, there is a small and two interlayer, and the interlayer is also very thick. There are two internal zipper layer to facilitate the collection of clothing. As a suitcase BlueSmart is definitely clearance, then we look at its performance on the intelligence. IOS and Android have BlueSmart software, but note that the app store in the domestic Android mobile phone on the mobile phone manufacturers are customized, almost not to search for this application, only through the googleplay store, but the googleplay download is not easy, so if you use the Android mobile phone, the first installation more complex. After opening the APP, you need to register the account login, the author of the three mailboxes can not be registered successfully, the reason is unknown (invalid email), and colleagues have succeeded. Localization of BlueSmart APP is not good, many places are still English display. The main interface (in the control panel) on the relatively simple weather, flight, and the corresponding features of the box (positioning, weighing, locking). When I add the flight will be carried out, the main interface will show the specific information on the flight, the number of time to start. However, we can see that some of the tips are still in English, although now we have no difficulty in basic English, but still on.相关的主题文章: