BMW’s latest 3D top down feature! Mobile phone monitoring your

BMW’s latest 3D top down feature! Mobile phone monitoring your car before the date, BMW released a new generation of Ad 5 models in the network, the film shows the latest BMW remote 3D (Remote View 3D) from the perspective of function, which can make the owners through the surrounding remote real-time observation car App screen mobile phone. In the film, the presenter uses Apple’s iPhone 6 6S phone to connect with a new generation of the 5 series models, the phone screen will show a similar to the 360° panoramic view of the vertical view of parking images. The vehicle parking car owners to use mobile phone App App display simulation overlooking the map according to foreign media judgment, remote from the perspective of 3D function or vehicle based on the built-in 360° function; and to create a panoramic image, which shows the picture comes from overlooking 360° panoramic camera, rather than HD satellite images based on the service open to the public yet. Therefore, the function of the car body through the rear, rear view mirror on both sides and the front camera to capture real-time images, and real-time image information transmitted through the network to the owner of the phone. It is reported that this function is also expected to appear in the configuration table as the optional configuration of a new generation of 5 series models. At present, there is less information about the function, which needs further attention.相关的主题文章: