Bob – Dylan has not yet responded to the Nobel Prize jury awarded its arrogance sichen

Bob Dylan has not responded to the award Nobel judges awarded its original title: arrogance has yet to comment on whether it would attend the ceremony Nobel judges Bob Dylan arrogance [observer network integrated] according to reported on October 22nd, the famous American musician and writer Bob Din (Bob Dylan) was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature, but has not yet in response to the Swedish Academy will attend the ceremony, let Nobel judges heavyweight very dissatisfied, Dylan "arrogant". According to reports, the Swedish Institute repeatedly calls to ask, as well as the award-winning news reports, Dylan has so far not reply, do not respond. "It’s really rude and arrogant," said Weisberg, a Swedish writer and fellow of the Swedish academy." It is reported that the Nobel prize for literature results announced that night (October 13th), the United States is performing in, Las Vegas. After winning the prize, he still sings his song, and doesn’t comment on all the fans. At the end of the concert, Dylan sang Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) version of "Why Try To Change Me Now?" To show his distaste for the media for a long time. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that Bob, the official website of 21, will receive its 2016 annual prize for the removal of the Nobel prize for literature. "Stockholm Evening News" reported that the beginning of this week, Dylan’s official website mentioned in 2016 as the winner of the Nobel prize in, and now this message is gone. The Swedish Academy Secretary Sara Dani said in a blog: "if Dylan came to Stockholm in December will be very wonderful, but if he does not want to come with him…… The Nobel prize is a recognition of their achievements, not a lure for them to come to Stockholm." She pointed out that there have been Nobel laureate failed to come to the award, no matter what happens, this award belongs to Dylan." Dani, not Dylan’s official website removed the Nobel information to comment. Every December 10th, the Nobel prize winners will be invited to Stockholm to accept the Swedish king Carle sixteen World Awards, and published a speech at the banquet. It is not known whether Dylan will attend the awards ceremony. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: