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Bold! Van pulled 960 kg of explosives from Henan to Sichuan – Sohu news seized explosives scene photos. Driving a van carrying 960 kg of nitramine explosives and 1440 detonators, from Henan to Sanmenxia via Xi’an to Sichuan of Guangyuan, along the way in the two gas station refueling stop, such a move would want to make people feel scared. Recently, the Guangyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau has overturned branch informed of illegal trafficking of explosives cases. Driving the van is the man Li Moulin. Seven off the routine inspection and seized large quantities of explosives and detonators in July this year, the Public Security Bureau in the seven set off into the toll station for routine inspection found a Henan license business van more suspicious, the police came to check, a big mouth was found in the trunk of linen bag. When the police asked the driver to contents, the driver is machine accessories lied to avoid being seen. Police opened the bag, which was actually filled with a bag of explosives, a total of 960 kg, are loaded with explosives. The police interrogated the driver immediately. Driver’s license issued by the name of Li Moubao, but the police carefully review found that this is not his own name, but his brother’s driver’s license, the driver called Li Moulin, 57 years old this year. Li Moulin explained that he was going to Gansu to Bikou mining, so to carry so many explosives. "There are no explosives, detonators to mine?" The police on the van was carefully checked and found a box end in the cab, open look, inside full installed 1440 detonators. Police investigators said, our country is very strict in every management of explosives, detonators are independent of the encoding, the encoding will be able to find the source and use of detonators, but this is not a box, is obviously illegal trafficking. The hills at the police have been on the home delivery online pursuit due to the significant, Chaotian Bureau set up a task force, and to the Guangyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, the provincial public security department report. Subsequently, the ad hoc group went to Henan Zhengzhou, Sanmenxia, Luoyang and other places to find Lee to buy explosive detonator on the home, and sent to Gansu Bikou Township survey. Task force after 27 days, a trip of more than 7 thousand km, eventually arrested in Sanmenxia City, Mianchi province to provide explosives, detonators Zhao, Zhang, etc.. By Zhao and Zhang confessed that their home is a man surnamed yuan. But he has been on the run, the current public security organs have Yuanmou carried out online pursuit. According to the suspects confessed, July 24th, Zhao and Zhang from their common home Yuanmou where delivery in a hilly area on the outskirts of Mianchi County, and to an abandoned house nearby, and arranged by Zhao Zhang with a commercial van loaded explosive detonator, and then from the service of Mianchi County Station, along the road through Xi’an, and the next day 8 to seven off. Along the way, they also added oil at two gas stations. This 960 kilograms of explosives plus the explosive force of the 1440 detonators is too strong, if the accident happened along the way, the consequences are completely unthinkable." Police handling the case said. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Yu Dong cover news – West China Metropolis Daily reporter Liu Yangu相关的主题文章: