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Travel-and-Leisure BSL Packers and Movers Chennai have constantly proved that this is the company that is setting high standards for other logistic solution providers in the industry. The Packers and Movers requirement in Chennai is flourishing and companies like BSL Packers and Movers have been able to meet the demands, excel in service and sustain the facilities being provided to loyal customers. Some of the unique features that are being practiced at BSL Packers and Movers Chennai are: Packing material used: Our service staff will choose the most suitable packing materials for the consignment to ensure a custom-fit, safety and reliability. Most durable packing materials only are used like test film papers, bubblesheets, cargo sheets, thermacol, cardboard boxes specifically designed for packing your valuable items, thermacol sheets for delicates, etc. Each and every item is first well proofed by means of newspapers/bubblewrap, etc and goes through a whole phase wise packing using various packing materials before it is neatly assembled in the concerned boxes/containers in the most compact manner. We pride ourselves in a 100% accuracy rates by preventing any breakages/damages to goods packed thus far. Trucks: BSL Packers and Movers is a professionally managed and run company who are extremely self sufficient in our own right by depending very less on external factors that usually cause delays and unpleasant experiences. The company owns and operates its very own fleet of 60 independent trucks and using an extremely minimum number, in todays world of Logistics business, of only about 40 trucks that are attached in the market. This ensures not only prompt service but also epitomizes the very concept of Reliability and Safety. We use only covered trucks for this purpose and are available in a variety of sizes to choose from, based on the consignment size and thereby giving its cost advantage to our customers. Trucks are available in sizes of 14ft, 17ft, 18ft and 20ft. People: Hand-picked for this job, they are a highly experienced and highly skilled & trusted workforce who are completely well versed with the nuances of packing and moving your home. Packers and Movers Chennai manager will continue to be your point of contact who will bring to you regular updates on our consignments whereabouts by means of SMS and mails. For more details, please call our toll free number 1800 3000 8999 Alternatively you could mail us on [email protected] Do visit our website for a range of information about our company, services and testimonials too on .bslpackers.. BSL Packers and Movers Chennai, Carrying Trust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: