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Home-Improvement As we all know the houses/flats where we live have the need of building repairs and building maintenance , so that every few years or earlier than that the property needs to be subjected to a process of repair and maintaining. But what will happen if there is a little need of reparations and therefore the same to be made by you. Since the concrete is the most used building material and therefore well known from almost everyone we are going to make some presentation of the concrete types, its use and the concreting options when repair or building your house. The concrete in its elementary form of definitions is a composition of a sand, gravel (as pebbles), cement and water. Someone wants to define the concrete with ordinary words as a mix of an aggregates and paste. Actually the paste is a mixture of cement and water and the aggregates can be sand or gravels. When this mixture hardens then we get rocklike mass named concrete. We may all think that there is only one type of concrete but the facts say something different. The concrete can be found in different types available on the market as follows: plain concrete or regular concrete, high-strength concrete, high-performance concrete, self-consolidating concretes, shotcrete, vacuum concretes, pervious concrete, coloured concrete, pebblecrete, rubberized concrete, stenciled concrete, stamped concrete, cellular concrete, Polymer concrete, Roller-compacted concrete, polished concrete, geopolymer or green concrete, cork-cement composites, rapid strength concrete, limecrete, refractory Cement, concrete cloth, innovative mixtures, asphalt concrete, glass concrete, exposed aggregate, grinded aggregate, spray on patterned concrete. All these types of concrete have different use and therefore they would be applied in different circumstances, various installations would be made and produce different performances. Many factors need to be taken into account when deciding which type of concrete should be taken for installation. According to the requirements of one building project it would be very understandable that the weather conditions of the project (on which the concrete is applied) it would be exposed to, then local building codes, therefore it would be used for a specific kind of concrete. Whether you decide to engage professionals to take care of your building project or the building repairs to make it by yourself (if they are required little effort and professional knowledge) then it would be certain that projects that need concrete implementation would be as good as the appropriate concrete that is used and properly applied. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: