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Weight-Loss Although there are currently an abundance of regimes and diets to help people lose weight permanently, a consistently popular method is the one created by well-known author and health commentator Kevin Trudeau, which helps you burn fat more efficiently. Trudeau’s program is not a specific diet but rather a change in the way you approach eating. The human anatomy is actually programmed to store fat, not burn fat. In primitive times, this mechanism allowed humans to survive when food was scarce. In modern times though, the food supply is plentiful and consistent. So this once helpful feature is now unneeded and can cause you to become fat if you don’t eat wisely. The diet secrets that were uncovered by an English physician more than 50 years ago were studied by Trudeau. These secrets found that the hypothalamus gland is very important in controlling a person’s appetite. The gland makes hormones and these with others tell us when we are hungry and also are a way to burn fat. There are many ways to reset your hypothalamus so that your body is better able to achieve the proper weight. For example, switch to foods that don’t trigger the hypothalamus to store fat. This means cutting out simple sugars and syrups. Instead, look for foods that are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. These types of foods are more slowly absorbed by the body and do not signal the hypothalamus to store fat. Trudeau additionally recommends eating foods which he believes will build up the metabolism to burn fat effectively. Spicy chili peppers are one food which does the trick nicely. Another surprising food is the grapefruit, which uses special enzymes to speed up metabolism. Eating grapefruit during daylight hours can, says Trudeau, reduce hunger and speed up fat burning. Also recommended are organic foods, and eliminating any artificial sweeteners. Trudeau makes two more suggestions: avoiding food after six in the evening and detoxifying the body through colon cleansing. Eating late may be more likely to store fat than eating during earlier hours in the day. A body that has fewer toxins is advocated since it creates a more efficient "machine" with an increased metabolism. About the Author: Kevin Trudeau has prescribed a Weight Loss Cure , which works around the vestigial function of hypothalamus glands, and recommends an altogether new approach to diet. These glands are critical but they also secrete hormones which ensure fat reserves in the body. But, unlike our ancestors, we don’t need fat reserves since food is available in plenty always. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Weight-Loss By: Anthony Dee – There are a lot of ways that you can lose weight. Many people dont realize that they have extra boosts with certain items. For instance, many already know the benefits of exercise, but what if you wanted to work through s … By: Anthony Dee – Right now there are many ways that you can approach losing weight, but most are not that grand. When youre not seeing results from our efforts, it can be discouraging. Learning how to gain the upper hand may require you t … By: Anthony Dee – Over time, no matter what you do to lose weight, youre going to lose if you dont get supplements. The reason why this happens is simple, the body be.es tired. As one ages, the body doesnt work with the same rate o … By: Anthony Dee – There are a lot of great tasting foods that you can indulge in. However, when you do so, your body doesnt convert them into energy, like it should. Instead, it starts to create sugar, and fat. One of the biggest culprits … By: Anthony Dee – There are a lot of weight loss secrets floating around. However, none of them are quite as .pelling as slimming body wraps. These are somewhat new to people, but for the health industry, its a long held secret of how to … By: Shaheen Shaikh – Are you and your family eating fattening, zero nutrition food often? It is time to eat healthy and get better health. By: businesssolution93 – We employ the effective syneron VelaShape II system of cellulite cream in Dandenong, Pakenham, Berwick, Narre Warren & Melbourne. We are the first clinic to use the Velashape II device and it is the only Medical Grade device … By: sinuse – In societies where obesity is be.ing a health hazard it is important that people be.e aware of the importance of being fit and eating healthily. By: johnabrahm – Weight training for weight reduction workout does not essentially involve heavy weighs or a major strength-training plan By: Northking – Gaining weight is much easier than losing weight. A lot of people usually give up on the idea of losing weight because it usually takes more time and a lot more effort to do so. 相关的主题文章: