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The Busan Film Festival | "Busan" banners calling for Independent Film Festival actor – Sohu entertainment twenty-first Busan Film Festival poster Ken Watanabe and Hitomi Kuroki   Sohu Korean entertainment news twenty-first Busan International Film Festival on the evening of 6 in Busan Haeundae Movie Palace opened. The night before the typhoon storm just hit the film festival that night because of the appearance of the stars dim and more bleak desolate. The night of the opening ceremony has been in the "monitor" in Xue Jingqiu and Han Xiaozhou co chaired, Han filial black Monday slim dress appeared bright. Han Xiaozhou said in an interview, said: really very nervous, can be very young when it is looking forward to the Busan International Film Festival as a moderator, it is really an honor." And Xue Jingqiu said: the twenty-first session of the Busan Film Festival, had experienced too many twists and turns and difficulties, the film festival was held as scheduled, I will always support, for it refueling." In addition to An Shengji, Yi Zhiyuan, Zhao Minxiu, Wu Zhihao, Yin Zhenrui, Han Yili, Pu Sudan and other South Korean actors have embarked on the red carpet. Japanese actor Ken Watanabe and Korean Japanese director Li Xiangri portable movie "angry" at the opening ceremony of the red carpet, in addition to the Japanese actress Hitomi Kuroki also elegant appearance. The opening ceremony of the evening, Kim Ki-duk, Guo Jingze and Lin Quanze only a few directors to help out. Because the Korean Film Directors Guild, artificial, South Korean film director of photography, the national film industry labor union of trade unions and other institutions are still dissatisfied with the Korean film of Busan municipal government intervention in the film festival making Korean film, Film Festival is to resist, so even if there are a lot of works have shown, the director will not attend. Now known as the "Miss" and "crying" Park director and director Luo Hongzhen will be absent. The antecedent of "the world" documentary "the diving bell" released by the Busan municipal government and the opposition in the film festival, the film festival and the new revised regulations by appointment of members of the Busan municipal government and the Busan local court to force the interference and other issues, the Busan Film Festival was a strong protest and boycott Korean filmmakers in the earlier this year. Although there are individual groups have been removed from the boycott, but this event has a great impact on the festival. A guest that night on the red carpet in the most dazzling, but also the number of Italian actors do once in a standing disaster big piece "Busan line" plays the villain, he as this year’s Film Festival "actor of the year award" the hand written "Independent film festival for BUSAN ‘banners walked the red carpet, in order to appeal to the Busan international protect the independence of the film festival. The opening ceremony is worth mentioning is that the opening of the heavy haze in the Busan Film Festival, the first from the mayor of Busan, the opening ceremony of this year, after the opening ceremony will be fireworks has been canceled. It is reported that, because the Jin YINGLAN Act ("the prohibition of unfair trust and accepting property law" (hereinafter referred to as Jin Yinglan method) in September 2016 by South Korean cabinet meeting of the September 28, 2016 implementation. "Jin Yinglan law" is put forward to Chairman Jin Yinglan of former South Korean National Rights Committee in 2012.相关的主题文章: