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Changyu A sluggish sales of imported wine business performance decline with self-help hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million off the sluggish performance of Zhang Yufa Liu Chengkun "now imported wine business self-help consumers buy more imported wine and domestic wine market has not pushed faster. Imported wines are of good quality and moderate price, but consumers still prefer wine imported from France, Argentina and australia." Beijing, a wine dealer told the China business reporter. While the domestic leading enterprises Wine Changyu A (000869.SZ) happened to reflect this description is not an exaggeration. In August 29th, Changyu A semi annual report released in 2016, achieved operating income of 2 billion 753 million yuan, down 2.57%; net profit of 6.96 yuan, down 6.75%. Zhang Yucheng is mainly due to decline in product sales. Wine industry association of Guangdong province Wine branch secretary Chen Yong told reporters: "the environmental impact of large, high low-end Wine all pressed before the September and October" golden nine silver ten ", this time Gouxiaoliangwang, but the market is desolate, the price of imported wine is more and more low, not only impact the low-end high-end wine. The wine Chateau wine under pressure, the same price to buy imported. Therefore, the domestic wine prices are under increasing pressure." The impact of imported wine in serious Wine increasingly welcomed by consumers at present, market capacity in overall growth, but the domestic Wine feel cold. Li Chao, a large commercial super purchasing director (a pseudonym) told reporters: in the supermarket, France and Australia imported wine most popular. The wine market in the overall sales growth, but the domestic part of the wine appeared to decline, basically be imported wine occupy." A Shanghai import Wine dealer told reporters: "brewing experience abroad Wine hundreds of years, the quality of imported wine, taste good, planting vines hundreds of years old, the manor is private land, low cost, and some countries in Chinese Wine tariff market is zero. High quality and low price, so popular." According to customs statistics, 2016 1~6 month, Chinese import Wine showing the amount of Qizeng scene, take the market trend. Changyu PR department staff told reporters: "the first half is expected to import wine income 100 million yuan, the annual growth period can be doubled (200 million ~3 billion), accounting for about 6.5%." The analysis of Zhang Yu in the semi annual report, due to the domestic high-end Wine consumption is likely will continue to be restricted in a long time in the future, will continue to import Wine China market, and e-commerce and other emerging channels to make a great impact on the traditional sales channels, domestic Wine industry competition at present and in the future a long time will be very intense, high-grade Wine consumption is likely to remain weak. China Wine Association report shows that the wine industry began to decline in 2010, the emergence of the industry output, economic benefits declined, the individual main theory相关的主题文章: