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Beijing Chaoyang teachers will pilot more coaching "– Society — original title: Chaoyang will pilot" many teachers teach the newspaper news (reporter Jia Xiaoyan) yesterday released the "Chaoyang District," 13th Five-Year "time education development plan". By 2020, the district will add at least 50 Pratt & Whitney kindergarten, a number of pilot teachers teach, improve education and other initiatives to improve the quality of education and teaching. By then, more than 85% of students in the district can attend high school. "13th Five-Year" period, Chaoyang District education administrative management team, professional management team, school education research and training team in the qualification audit registration management. The district teachers will gradually from the school people into a system of people, in the school district, the co-ordination of the deployment of the group, the school is responsible for the use of teachers and daily management. At the same time, the school district will implement full-time teachers job rotation system in this area, the pilot teachers more coaching, Pilot School District teacher turns teach, teach part-time mode. For some smaller schools, if there is a surplus of a subject teacher class, the District Board of education also allow it to break the boundaries of schools, school teaching. This year, cuigezhuang district will become the first pilot school district. In addition, Chaoyang District’s "kindergarten crunch" problem is still grim. At present, the gap of preschool education degree is about 20 thousand. For as far as possible to meet the admission requirements of Chaoyang District to promote the kindergarten mode diversification, accelerate the construction of inclusive kindergarten, to 2020, the district will add 50 kindergartens inclusive, add at least 25 demonstration garden. "13th Five-Year" during the three years of pre-school gross enrollment rate will reach more than 95%. At the same time, Chaoyang District encourage various kinds of kindergarten for rent on behalf of the building and holding Park, support street, township (Village) held in Central Park, explore the community office park construction, and the construction of online service platform, guide the conditional family and the community preschool education service. It is reported that the new inclusive kindergarten mainly concentrated in rural areas and the New District, including the dam, the first night, Dougezhuang etc.. (Zhang Yu, Li Jing: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: