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Chinese announced the first Mars probe shape   military landing is expected in 2020 — original title: Chinese first announced the Mars Lander landing on Mars in 2020 is expected to outline shape China published design. The red planet, Chinese come! "On August 23rd, Chinese Mars exploration project name and global graphic logo collection activities held a press conference in Beijing, the meeting announced the first China first Mars probe, the lander and Rover design, and describes China’s Mars exploration program details. According to reports, constrained by the laws of celestial bodies, only once every 26 months Mars exploration favorable launch time. From now until 2020, only 3 times before the launch of the opportunity, the international will usher in the peak of Mars exploration. For the first time Chinese Mars Mission Director Project Deputy Commander, lunar exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center Liu Jizhong said, China first Mars mission, not only to achieve the orbiting Mars Global remote sensing, but also the breakthrough of Mars entry, descent and landing, patrol, remote measurement and control technique to the letter, so that we really in deep space near mars. According to the first China Mars missions project chief designer Zhang Rongqiao introduced in 2020 for the first time, China Mars will be the first to achieve surround, landing and patrol "the three goal, this is the first time in other countries, the implementation of Mars unprecedented challenge is hitherto unknown. He said that Mars is farthest from the earth up to 400 million km, China’s Mars probe in the separation of the device and the arrow, after about 7 months of cruise flight was captured by the gravity of mars. Since then, the surround is surrounded by Mars, and is separated from the landing patrol, and then into the Mission Mission orbit, to carry out around the Mars exploration, while the relay for the landing of the relay. At this stage, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the orbit around the design and landing. Liu Jizhong said that the current project is progressing well, technical research has been completed, the production of various subsystems. According to the chief architect of the Mars rover system Sun Zezhou, China first Mars landing site of Mars will be the low latitude zone, a region that is close to the equator, but now the precise location is uncertain. He said there are a lot of uncertainties in the lander’s soft landing on the Martian surface, is one of the major tasks of the difficulty. Sun Zezhou told reporters that the implementation of the first Mars mission will carry a total of 13 units (sets) of scientific payload, such as the implementation of the global exploration of Mars and other types of remote sensing cameras and shallow surface radar. Compared to the weight of 140 kg China first lunar rover, the first Mars rover weighs about 200 kilograms, can work for 92 days of the earth. (Ma Jun) (commissioning editor Huang Zijuan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: