China wealthy mainland to new luxury watches market freeze – project in Hongkong

China wealthy mainland to new luxury watches market freeze – project of Hongkong Beijing Reference News Network August 25th reported that the U.S. media said, as consumers watch out expensive, Hongkong has made in the United States, the world’s largest market for luxury watches lost the title, as in recent years the Swiss watches in the latest victim of global decline in exports. United States, "Wall Street journal" website reported on August 24th, in July, Swiss watch exports to Hongkong fell by nearly 33% year on year, compared with global exports fell by 14%. The same period exports to the United States fell 14.7% to 178 million 500 thousand Swiss francs ($185 million). According to the Federation of the Swiss watch industry (Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry) statistics released in August 24th July, Hongkong Swiss watch imports less than 175 million francs for the same period last year, nearly 260 million francs. The high-end brand consultancy China Market Research Group (Shaun Rein) founder Reinhold said China rich mainland Chinese no longer want luxury watches. He said that the new luxury project in Botswana in New Zealand, hunting and parachuting, instead of wearing a $5000 or $15000 watches. Hongkong has been the biggest market for luxury watches in the past, but its sales have been hit by the stronger Hong Kong dollar and the impact of China’s anti-corruption campaign. But things are not terrible: Bain & Company (Bain & Co) partner Lannes (Bruno Lannes) said, with some luxury brands to narrow the China mainland and western market watches priced at up to 40% of the spread between the mainland, luxury watches sales began to rise. However, he expects the global market for luxury watches will not recover in the short term.    相关的主题文章: