China’s smart home output or exceeded trillion yuan

Chinese Home Furnishing intelligent output or exceeded one trillion yuan?? the concept of intelligent Home Furnishing long-standing, but the circle of science and technology "outlet" changes every year, to the end of the year, compared to VR, AI these concepts, intelligent Home Furnishing attention is slightly inferior. Nevertheless, the relevant research institutions have been optimistic about the future development of smart home, and predict its future output will exceed one trillion yuan. Optimistic about the development of intelligent Home Furnishing???? according to Ovid consulting predicts that the overall output in 2020 will exceed Chinese intelligent Home Furnishing trillion yuan, of which the intelligent hardware output will reach 100 million yuan. Smart home has become the inevitable direction of the development of IT technology, network technology and control technology to the traditional home appliance industry. At the same time, according to the third party Analysis Agency China report hall predicted that China’s smart home market potential of about $5 trillion and 800 billion, a huge space for development. Among them, the highest market share of household appliances, the market accounted for more than 70%. In addition, independent research institutions show that the smart home industry market in the next five years the average annual growth rate will reach an alarming rate of 134%. The number of smart devices is expected to grow from less than 10000 units in the year to 223 million units. The above data is only for a large part of the product, so the actual growth of the smart home industry is likely to be far more than this rate. Sales of all intelligent products or will reach 100 million units. Relevant research institutions have a positive attitude towards China’s smart home market size. What’s more, at present, including Haier, Midea, Changhong, Alibaba, Jingdong, apple, HUAWEI and other giants from all walks of life in the development of intelligent Home Furnishing, but the development of intelligent Home Furnishing market did not imagine so fast. Up to now, the smart home industry is still not the leader. In the case of apple, the apple is committed to intelligent Home Furnishing has been repeatedly reported on a smart Home Furnishing products inside and have some results, but what is the outcome of the current without any signs can be confirmed. The development of smart home there are pain points? Many research institutions and industry insiders optimistic about the reality of the smart home is not satisfactory? In this regard, ZTE smart home operations director Tian Bo made an explanation. He believes that the reason lies in the field of smart home there are several major pain points, that is, product landing difficult, lack of interoperability standards and services landing difficult. Product landing?. Tian Bo believes that the smart home product landing is difficult because most of the current market is not easy to use smart home products, high prices, homogenization serious. Such as toilet infrared induction lamp, when the user enters the bathroom when the lights turn off lights when leaving, seemingly convenient intelligence, but in the infrared induction to the bathroom human activities will be automatically extinguished, this requires the user action to put the lights, a simple things complicated. Lack of interoperability standards?. Lack of interoperability standards is also a long time to make the domestic smart home practitioners headache. Standardization is the navigation lamp market development, and Chinese market must have Chinese intelligent Home Furnishing standard, but at present all the enterprises in accordance with their own advantages of intelligent products Home Furnishing wading, fragmented state, no one can cover the user for intelligent Home Furnishing.相关的主题文章: