Chinese Embassy in South Korea held a reception for the 67 anniversary of the National Day-nlite

Chinese Embassy in South Korea held the 67 anniversary of National Day reception – Beijing, China News Agency, Seoul, September 26 (reporter Wu Xu) China ambassador to South Korea Qiu Guohong 26 in Seoul, Xinluo hotel reception, 67 anniversary of the founding of Chongqing Zhu People’s Republic of China uplift. Mr Qiu Guohong said 67 years ago, People’s Republic of China was opened up a new era in the history of the Chinese nation; 67 years, Chinese Communist Party led the people of all ethnic groups, a successful exploration of the situation with China development path, and made great achievements. Chinese not only become a force for world economic growth to promote international order and global governance, the contribution of the defenders of world peace and builders. The China people are in accordance with the "four overall strategic layout, move forward to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream big. Qiu Guohong pointed out that China and South Korea established diplomatic relations 24 years ago, the relations between the two countries to achieve a comprehensive rapid development in various fields, bringing tangible benefits to the two countries and peoples, but also an important contribution to peace and stability in the region. To maintain, consolidate and develop the relations between China and South Korea is in line with the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples. China is willing to work with the ROK to make unremitting efforts to promote stable and healthy development of relations between the two countries. South Korean foreign ministry deputy speaker of Parliament Shen Zaizhe, first officer Lin Shengnan, former Prime Minister Li Hongjiu and other dozens of current and former politicians, business, culture, media, think tanks from all walks of life, all countries in South Korea South Korea envoys, overseas Chinese, Chinese funded institutions, students and representatives of more than 800 people attended the conference. Shen Zaizhe, Lin Shengnan, respectively, to congratulate the 67 anniversary of the national day of China, a high degree of evaluation of the development of China and South Korea relations, I hope China ROK relations in the past 24 years on the basis of achievements, to achieve new and greater development. Guests from all walks of life have expressed their congratulations on the great achievements made in China’s development, and wish China and South Korea relations have a better future. (end)相关的主题文章: