Chongqing hundred years old birthday to please all police station for news –

Chongqing hundred years old birthday to please all police station at Huayuan Road police station for news – Sohu is 100 years old birthday. The police station received the alarm, received the banner also many, but received a public invitation to dinner, but the invitation is the entire police station, it is a rare thing! It is a rare thing, Nan’an District, Huayuan Road Public Security Bureau police station "stalls". What is this? How to deal with the police station? An invitation but will not call outsiders please police invitation things, had to start from half a month ago. The morning of November 1st, is the late autumn of Chongqing, is a bit more chill in the air. The center is located in Nanping the busiest area of Huayuan Road police station, or as in the past to bustling about. Where is the police station busy, not busy? However, no one thought, everyone is busy, the more than and 70 year old couple Zhang Guiyou and Chen Rongzhang, to the police station sent a letter of invitation "big red! Send invitations to the police station? It didn’t know that!" the big red invitation but also to the scene busy and nervous slackened. Mrs. Chen Rongzhang has repeatedly sent invitations accountable: real invitations are not them, but he is a hundred year old mother Li Xizhi. Originally, in November 13th, Li Xizhi elderly do hundred years old feast, exhort, "100 feast not called outsiders, only please the family, but the Huayuan Road police station must go!" a wish to thank you for a short time after receiving the invitation, to go or not? The Huayuan Road police station for this purpose we had a short meeting. The final decision: 5 police collective dinner. In November 13th, Nan’an District Garden Village 2 unit 1, the elderly Li Xizhi, lively and extraordinary. "Longevity" Li Xizhi old man wearing a red costume, was all in good out of a bandbox happy smile. Police instructor Chen Junchi and other 5 party police, wearing casual clothes, just like "relatives", also bringing fruit and blessing. Chen Junchi to apologize to the old man’s ear, because of busy work, many police have not come to bless the old God of longevity. See familiar with the police, the old man grinning: "you can come, I’m very happy today! But I also wish to express thanks." Thanks to the old birthday? The old man’s daughter Chen Rongzhang told the Chongqing morning news reporters, thank you too much, sometimes half did not end! Chen Rongzhang said, my mother has a pet phrase: "the events of the time, or the police side!" a truth is known for years as family police said Chen Rongzhang, his 70 year old, is an old man. While the mother was higher, more need to take care of others. In 2013, Chen Rongzhang suffering from disease of the elderly life to take care of themselves is insufficient, it is difficult to fully take care of the mother. Although children often to take care of, but sometimes Distant water cannot quench present thirst. Police officer Lin ran in a home when the accident came to understand the situation. Lin ran, not busy, as much as possible to Chen Rongzhang home to see, can help a little.相关的主题文章: