Chongqing tanker rollover squashed Kunming Buick car caused 2 dead 1 injured (video) spyair

Chongqing tanker rollover "squashed" Kunming Buick car caused 2 dead 1 injured tachograph take heavy truck rollover moment accordioned the car caused 2 dead 1 injured Spring City Evening News September 30th, September 29th 21 PM, friends broke the news: the license plate number of cloud A· the revolution of a Kunming car, on the way to Nu River Liuku the sun in the foot place for a traffic accident. The car accident caused two adults died on the spot, the car came to hear the screams of the child! After the evening news reporter confirmed that the accident occurred in the territory of Yunlong County Dali, not Nu River liuku. The accident has killed two people and injured one. A live video in the net posts after the show, in a narrow mountain road, a license plate for cloud A· innovative Buick car is running, to a large truck suddenly rushed, hurried to the right direction. The tanker to stagger the car, then rushed to the roadside stones, then roll pressure in the car above…… The car was pressed into the iron moment". Some live video then shows the scene police trying to rescue. In September 29th 22, the evening news reporter from the Yunnan Provincial Traffic Police Corps was informed that same day at 10:20 PM, Henan province Xiangcheng County driver 29 year old Li Moumou, driving plate of Chongqing B***** heavy tank trucks along Caojian to Liuku direction, when the vehicle rollover occurs to the tile line K48+400M. After the rollover will instead of driving to the cloud A· plate; a small car, the pressure in the body, causing the car driver Wang, a 29 year old woman died on the spot, the same man riding a 30 year old woman Moumou after she died, 5 year old girl hemeimei injured (no danger). And two vehicles damaged in road traffic accident. After the accident, Yunlong County Government attaches great importance to quickly organize the wounded and the dead after the disposal work. Currently, the cause of the accident is under further investigation. We also remind you that during the National Day holiday travel must pay attention to safety! (the original title is tragic! Chongqing Dali tanker "honest" Kunming Buick car caused 2 dead 1 injured! ")相关的主题文章: