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"City of fantasy" "Zhi" after Qingyun drama IP where is the way? "" "flower and bone Qingyun Zhi" "-" Sina entertainment news the day before, a "Zhao Liying [micro-blog]" to "New York Times" flower and bone "" news attracted a lot of attention of users, since Yuanhui Fu "the power", this year has ended the drama IP again brush a sweltering unfulfilled presence. On the other hand, last week "Qingyun Zhi" and "-" successively ending, and once row sowing "Gu Jian" "Hunan TV" spend thousands of bone two weeks in one of the main ancient theater broadcast, even drama "Diamond independent radio theater is about to encounter off the air. Have a professional analysis, "Yun Zhi" and "-" the two big head drama ratings one is diamond independent radio theater broadcast. Just a year’s time, is also a big production + strong lineup of IP costume drama "-" "Zhi" and "Qingyun why spend thousands of bones" encounter Rainbow Night? Sina entertainment launched the micro-blog survey, and exclusive dialogue all the senior people in the industry, to explore this year drama IP compared to last year, what’s the problem? For a large number of IP after the adaptation of the costume drama and what enlightenment? Lower recognition from "flower and bone" to "-" "Qingyun will" encounter Rainbow Night summer 2015, adapted from the novel of the same name of the costume fantasy drama "flower and bone" landing Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater, eventually to 2.1% of the ratings mean, all across the theater during the same period, including prime time TV series. The network has exceeded 23 billion, ranking first in the Chinese TV series. This drama is also supporting Mobile Games, online games, peripherals and other derivatives industry, starring as spokesman, producer Tang Lijun [micro-blog] revealed that the game before the first exposure drama audience attention "demon God" makeup ", which lead to the game, also contributed to this drama." Thanks to this drama, actress Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying is currently the most hot line only, mark [micro-blog], Xu Haiqiao [micro-blog] as a new congregation began to take hold. There is no doubt that the flower of the bone has become a phenomenon IP costume drama. "Spend thousands of bone" of the original author and screenwriter Jiang Chenzhou (fruit) revealed that the works created in 2009, when the IP market is on the rise, slow rising and now, in Chinese people everywhere in IP. "New York Times," the article also said that the success of the novel adaptation of the TV series, thousands of bone, the success of China’s film and television industry IP costume adaptation of heat. However, the same is hot IP+ many popular idol star + investment "successor" – "and" Yun Zhi "has suffered in Waterloo. A "-" known as the investment of 330 million, in the week theater broadcast broadcast the 3 and a half months, the current watercress score is 3 points, by the end of October 30th, the ratings average is only 0.78%. "Yun Zhi" rumors of 280 million investment, watercress score 5.7 points higher, also broadcast the 3 and a half months, but in October 30th to a record low of 0.265% ratings. Not only the ratings, the heat of the two drama network is far less than the same period last week broadcast of the "flower"相关的主题文章: